12 years

I missed to share so many events here including how ze husband and I marked our 11th wedding anniversary last 2016. I do not have a good recall of everything that happened because I was also sickly that time. I remember we had dinner at Friday’s because it’s the default resto I could think to celebrate an occasion. Last December during our 12th year, we also had a very humble dinner at the Power Plant Mall. It was a weekday and Christmas was so close by so we couldn’t go far besides I was always in Lola mode –I get so tired easily. Although, I really miss travelling during occasions we really have to drop the idea because we’re so low in resources for the last two years. Bills after bills, there were too many overhead while everyone around us thought my wallet is thick as a bible. I felt we were the only one’s trying to save up even the last cent and its sad. I have to live paycheck-to-paycheck and constantly scramble to make ends meet. Sigh!

Despite the struggle and all hurdles I remain positive and prayerful, I choose to shrug all the negative emotions and live life as normal as it can be. It wasn’t easy but at least its giving me peace and let me sleep at night. Oh, sorry if this post sounds too heavy and emotional, I thought it’s not really bad to vent once in a while and probably at least I’m giving you a peep of how’s it been with me for the times I was hibernating and procrastinating on what’s next.

At the moment I’m nowhere back in track but at least I’m slowly back in writing and of things that makes me happier. Please consider this post as my short comeback to the blogosphere.


And hey, I get to dine at Farm Organics twice already. The experience was impressive and worth sharing. How do I start nga with food post? Hehehe.

During the first visit, it was a no-occasion day. I was window shopping and waiting for ze husband at the same time. If you frequent Power Plant Mall especially the lower ground, you’ll notice that there’s a few fast-food outlets in there, only the big players so the rest were mid-range restaurants that will still cost you a thousand bucks for a small meal. Reality bites but mostly mall-goers at Rockwell are well-off and probably reside at the neighboring Bel-air or the surrounding exclusive villages, so they won’t mind the high priced single plate (imo). So, sometimes you really need to plan or set aside some when visiting this side of the city. And because I’ve been craving for the famed steak of Farm Organics, just imagine my wish coming true, finally! 😀

We got the New York Steak (local all-natural), medium-well woodfired cut that was really tender and delicious. I love their mushroom gravy; it was the perfect dip also of their Farm bread that look a lot like Pan de Manila’s pandesal.

Also got the Farm Salad with organic lettuce, feta cheese candied walnuts, arugula and The Farm mango vinaigrette dressing. And because we wanted something more, I ordered the Classic Cheeseburger –simply cheese, organic lettuce and sauce.

During our second visit, I don’t have any guilt at all because we’re celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary. I thought I can order anything I fancy this time except that I don’t like us to look PGs (patay gutom) with plenty of food for two. Hehehe.

This time we got the Rib Eye cut (you can choose between local all-natural and certified organic meat), well I thought it’s all the same and healthy. I love this cut especially its excellent flavor.

Got a plate of their Truffle Mushroom Pasta and it didn’t disappoint and serving was just right.

And to end our anniversary dinner we had the Chocolate Cheesecake with ganache.

Well, we don’t need a significant number to celebrate occasions like ours. Every year of our togetherness is a milestone already because we stand the test of time and circumstances and if there’s more to come I know we’ll let humour take on the very complex one and a good laugh together is all that matters. ♥



THE FARM ORGANICS | Lower Ground Floor, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell, Makati City | T. +632 8528228



i’m 18 with 26 years experience

How times flies is so gasgas but I can’t think of a more appropriate catchphrase to say how fast a year can be. I turned a year older again, something that only some super powers can stop from happening every year. At forty-four, I’m not so proud of what I have become. I wish I can turn back time at 25 and rearrange my life, I wish there’s a way to be young again so I can work harder and grab all the opportunities that passed and probably did not commit those countless mistakes in the past. Yes, I have regrets, too many disappointments and an unhappy soul. But I’d like to think that at this point I still have time, and I wouldn’t be the person I am now if I haven’t gone thru all those dark phases of life. Each has his own life lessons and I’m still learning everyday, I’m lucky on so many counts!

So, last month I blew another candle and marked another birthday. Because my birthday fell on a Sunday I had lunch for my maternal family. It was timing because it was also the last weekend of my cousin and fam who were vacationing from Dubai, it was our last hurray to end the eventful holiday season.

While I want the occasion to be an exclusive family affair, little did I know that my closest girl friends were invited by Nanay. It was sort of a surprise that didn’t turned out well because the breakfast congee was cancelled at last minute. Not as good as my planning skill, hehehe. Anyhow, the lunch we prepared was simple and enough to satisfy the post-holiday cravings. Thank you fam for coming to celebrate our birthdays (it was ze husband’s too a day before mine, remember?).

Thank you also to Vi and Mayora for coming, I’ll promise to hook up this Feb when all the ganaps are over.

Thank you also to my team back at the office for the healthy breakfast spread, you guys never failed to surprise me every year and I’m still not giving up on my silent request until you thought of it one day –why not a Kate Spade inspired party! 😛

And to my dear husband, please get me this party ⇑⇑⇑ when I rock the 45th. 🙂



Dear Lord, I praise you with all my heart and ask you cleanse me once more. I know I’ve fault you time and time again and many times I thought I know better, forgive my shortcomings. Thank you for the year that was and for the years ahead. Thank you for my health, for making me well in 2017 because I feel healed and whole. Thank you for the gift of family and friends. As I face the new year, I pray for better opportunities so I can provide for the family. I pray for inner peace and strength to survive all the mishaps of life and lastly please extend all blessings and guidance to my family. These I pray in Jesus name, Amen.



take me here

please, and get me that woodfire steak! ♥




bagoong club

*Not really updating this blog but this has been on the draft folder since May, someone here forgot to hit the publish button 😀


Despite being sick and unwell during the last half of 2016 most weekends were spent running errands left and right, I was out the entire time. Now I realize perhaps it intensifies even my worsening condition back then. That instead of resting and sleeping longer to increase my hemoglobin level I was wandering somewhere out there. Hahaha.

Bagoong Club. During one of our Sunday stroll after Sunday mass we decided to drive at Twin Lakes for a change. I think I needed to get something from Santis Delicatessen also, and I thought driving to Silang will just bore me that’s why we equally agree that we go Twin Lakes instead. And because it was almost lunch time when we arrived most restos were full already. I hate the queue, there must be really something very good to rave about to rationalise the long line otherwise I will simply pass and walk away. Also, since the mother hen was always our plus one, our choices were limited because she’d always prefer to eat rice instead of the non-traditional junk foods, oil floating, oven baked food that I SOMETIMES like to devour.

When I peek inside the upper dining hall of Bagoong Club there were guests already filling almost half of the place, it’s a go for us especially that the lower dining area where we chose to be seated was still empty. I certainly wanted to be seated at the upper dining other than I want a table closer to where the restroom is. If you have tried dining at any Twin Lakes restos I bet you noticed the stairs, they’re not very friendly especially for people with bad knees. Soon as seated we ordered lunch, we got Crispy Tokwa’t Baboy, Crispy Dinuguan, All-Vegetable Kare-Kare and Bagoong Rice. Amongst, I remember craving for the Crispy Tokwa’t Baboy because of its clean taste. I also love the Bagoong Rice which can be eaten on its own. Let me do this at home one of these days with green mango strips.

I noticed I’ve been eating almost the same set over and over again everytime we would dine at Pinoy restos and Kare-Kare was always a staple. Sino ba ang may peyborit nito? Anyhow, because we don’t really frequent Twin Lakes, we had our time to pasyal. I bought farmers ham, cheese and spinach at Santis, yes, dumayo pa ako ng Santis for spinach because they sell cheap and fresh looking spinach. We’ve passed by Greg’s Fruitcakery and picked some fresh-baked bread to take home, I wanted to stay for coffee and cake but we need to rush home (for reasons I can’t remember already). Driving to Twin Lakes once in a while is a breathe of fresher air –the crowd is not the usual Tagaytay crowd, I guess.  I don’t know, maybe because I also miss the old Sunday drive to Monte Maria with the whole fam and Tatay was very much alive then. Been three years since the last healing mass of Fr. Suarez, time really does seem to fly faster as we age. Hay!

Present day. It’s going to be a slow weekend again for me, have a blessed one loves! ♥



Bagoong Club |  Tagaytay – Nasugbu Highway, Laurel, Batangas | T. 046 4604121



republic of cavite

I know I’ve been hibernating for soooo long and the more I do the more this blog becomes monotonous even to silent readers. The reason of my idleness remains the same if you must know, no biggie because I just get too drowsy every chance I have time to write. And sleep is luxury these days.

Anyhow, because we’ve been driving to Cavite every weekend and holidays ze husband and I had no chance to try new restos around the city. Believe that the mall rat in me haven’t even set foot yet to the newest malls –Uptown Mall, Venice Grand Canal and even to the restos just across my office building. My routine became boring (to some) but I assure you I’m enjoying my time and my day offs keeping myself busy at home. So to keep my long story (of hibernation) shorter, let me share some worthy restos I’ve visited around town during the last months. I do hope you’d find this review helpful if you want some flavorful Filipino food.

Republic of Cavite. We always passed fast this route because the resto stood along the short cut from Governor’s Drive to Trece-Indang road. Not until Walter Mart supermarket opened across the resto it became interesting (well, for me). I don’t know where we came that day, probably errands because the house was still under construction that time, and maybe we dropped at the supermarket to get something and ROC became the last stop.

Since it was already mid-afternoon during our visit we were the only guests, so, it’s like we own the place. After placing our orders, I had time to check the resto. The place was actually big, bigger than I thought, spacious and pleasant. The resto itself actually resembles that of Aguinaldo Shrine in Kawit hence the very nice interiors with recall of the past –capiz windows, bricks and photo story of what seems to be Cavite’s historical value.

The muebles were fine-looking and they used good hardwood, I can’t help but love the simple yet old-fashioned design of chairs and tables. On the other side of the main dining hall was the al-fresco and garden area, this together with the other function halls can be rented if you have occasions like wedding and birthdays. I also found out that Town’s Delight, Cavite’s prime caterer, was the owner so no doubt you’d be savoring Caviteno’s recipes at its best.

Back to our table, we were served with Sinigang sa Miso. I really forgot the fish, I’m guessing was it tanigue? Hehehe. It really hit the spot, the way I love my sinigang –very sour yet savoury! The serving was very generous, sayang lang because I don’t have photo of the big pot to give more justice. Next we had the Crispy Pata Kare-Kare, the serving was even more generous and despite not being the best kare-kare in town it didn’t fare bad either.

To end our meal, I got us an order of leche plan. It’s a little pricey compared to LZM’s but with its smooth and creamy texture, well, it’s worth the price. I think I really didn’t get to taste ROC’s specialty like the crispy dinuguan, binagoongang baboy, adobo, kilawin and that famed delicacy Lihim ni Lola, so, I guess the secret will remain a mystery until the next time. Ended so full and sleepy after.

The dining experience at ROC was overall commendable including the courteous and well-trained wait staffs. It’s really a plus factor always if service is excellent. So, if ever you’d be visiting Trece Martires City or it’s nearby town try to include in your itinerary a visit at Republic of Cavite, truly one of Cavite’s pride.




REPUBLIC OF CAVITE | City Hall Road, Brgy. San Agustin, Trece Martires City, Cavite | T. (046) 419-0214 / (046) 686-7271 | info@republicofcavite.com



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hello summer skies!

Tho it’s not officially summer at my country the morning sun hurts already and temperature starts to hit 30°C. It’s so much warmer now even at night and I guess in two-week time we’d all hate to wake up in the scorching heat of the sun, the sweat it brings even if you’re just sitting all day and the torture of walking in an oven-like streets of the metro. I pray everyone will survive the heat wave. Brace yourself!

Anyhow, there’s not much to tell and my backlog remains as is. I’m sleepy everytime I’d turn to write and compose my thoughts. I’m mostly tired and wanted to pass time but with the kind of work setting I have –emails that cannot wait and phone calls that cannot be ignored, sometimes it gets me thinking of retirement and life in the country side. Seriously, when you’re working your butt for 20 years already and yet feel unaccomplished and have nothing in your pocket you just want to quit and eat grass and wish you didn’t splurge too much on outlet sale and expensive lattes when you’re a bit younger. I just have too many regrets right now, sigh!

So life goes on because survival is the game and I’m pretty good at it. By the way, I have a small, small biz nowadays. I started the homemade kimchi for personal consumption a month ago but seeing a potential market I sell some to family and friends now. Send me a private message if you want to order ha. Hehehe. I ferment kimchi really good, you’ll gonna love the crunch and spice in every bite!

Uh, weekend is around the corner by now, we’re heading south again tom night to visit the fur kiddos and Nanay. It’ll be another busy weekend at my kitchen with all the Chinese cabbage that I have to brine and pickle. I really want to set up a makeshift breakfast eatery and see how it’d fare in the neighborhood. I have so many plans right now other than they’d remain ideas for the couple of months until finances are stable and my body can handle all the stress and strain.

Lent has come already and I failed to attend Ash Wednesday mass because I was so tired and drained yesterday. Sorry. Might be spending the Holy Week again in the North just because the in-laws are vacationing but I still have a month or so to weigh up things. For now, I need a decent sleep, a good meal that is Korean with lots of banchan and an easy date night –stargazing on summer evening at my porch 😀 Tara!