republic of cavite

I know I’ve been hibernating for soooo long and the more I do the more this blog becomes monotonous even to silent readers. The reason of my idleness remains the same if you must know, no biggie because I just get too drowsy every chance I have time to write. And sleep is luxury these days.

Anyhow, because we’ve been driving to Cavite every weekend and holidays ze husband and I had no chance to try new restos around the city. Believe that the mall rat in me haven’t even set foot yet to the newest malls –Uptown Mall, Venice Grand Canal and even to the restos just across my office building. My routine became boring (to some) but I assure you I’m enjoying my time and my day offs keeping myself busy at home. So to keep my long story (of hibernation) shorter, let me share some worthy restos I’ve visited around town during the last months. I do hope you’d find this review helpful if you want some flavorful Filipino food.

Republic of Cavite. We always passed fast this route because the resto stood along the short cut from Governor’s Drive to Trece-Indang road. Not until Walter Mart supermarket opened across the resto it became interesting (well, for me). I don’t know where we came that day, probably errands because the house was still under construction that time, and maybe we dropped at the supermarket to get something and ROC became the last stop.

Since it was already mid-afternoon during our visit we were the only guests, so, it’s like we own the place. After placing our orders, I had time to check the resto. The place was actually big, bigger than I thought, spacious and pleasant. The resto itself actually resembles that of Aguinaldo Shrine in Kawit hence the very nice interiors with recall of the past –capiz windows, bricks and photo story of what seems to be Cavite’s historical value.

The muebles were fine-looking and they used good hardwood, I can’t help but love the simple yet old-fashioned design of chairs and tables. On the other side of the main dining hall was the al-fresco and garden area, this together with the other function halls can be rented if you have occasions like wedding and birthdays. I also found out that Town’s Delight, Cavite’s prime caterer, was the owner so no doubt you’d be savoring Caviteno’s recipes at its best.

Back to our table, we were served with Sinigang sa Miso. I really forgot the fish, I’m guessing was it tanigue? Hehehe. It really hit the spot, the way I love my sinigang –very sour yet savoury! The serving was very generous, sayang lang because I don’t have photo of the big pot to give more justice. Next we had the Crispy Pata Kare-Kare, the serving was even more generous and despite not being the best kare-kare in town it didn’t fare bad either.

To end our meal, I got us an order of leche plan. It’s a little pricey compared to LZM’s but with its smooth and creamy texture, well, it’s worth the price. I think I really didn’t get to taste ROC’s specialty like the crispy dinuguan, binagoongang baboy, adobo, kilawin and that famed delicacy Lihim ni Lola, so, I guess the secret will remain a mystery until the next time. Ended so full and sleepy after.

The dining experience at ROC was overall commendable including the courteous and well-trained wait staffs. It’s really a plus factor always if service is excellent. So, if ever you’d be visiting Trece Martires City or it’s nearby town try to include in your itinerary a visit at Republic of Cavite, truly one of Cavite’s pride.




REPUBLIC OF CAVITE | City Hall Road, Brgy. San Agustin, Trece Martires City, Cavite | T. (046) 419-0214 / (046) 686-7271 |


hello summer skies!

Tho it’s not officially summer at my country the morning sun hurts already and temperature starts to hit 30°C. It’s so much warmer now even at night and I guess in two-week time we’d all hate to wake up in the scorching heat of the sun, the sweat it brings even if you’re just sitting all day and the torture of walking in an oven-like streets of the metro. I pray everyone will survive the heat wave. Brace yourself!

Anyhow, there’s not much to tell and my backlog remains as is. I’m sleepy everytime I’d turn to write and compose my thoughts. I’m mostly tired and wanted to pass time but with the kind of work setting I have –emails that cannot wait and phone calls that cannot be ignored, sometimes it gets me thinking of retirement and life in the country side. Seriously, when you’re working your butt for 20 years already and yet feel unaccomplished and have nothing in your pocket you just want to quit and eat grass and wish you didn’t splurge too much on outlet sale and expensive lattes when you’re a bit younger. I just have too many regrets right now, sigh!

So life goes on because survival is the game and I’m pretty good at it. By the way, I have a small, small biz nowadays. I started the homemade kimchi for personal consumption a month ago but seeing a potential market I sell some to family and friends now. Send me a private message if you want to order ha. Hehehe. I ferment kimchi really good, you’ll gonna love the crunch and spice in every bite!

Uh, weekend is around the corner by now, we’re heading south again tom night to visit the fur kiddos and Nanay. It’ll be another busy weekend at my kitchen with all the Chinese cabbage that I have to brine and pickle. I really want to set up a makeshift breakfast eatery and see how it’d fare in the neighborhood. I have so many plans right now other than they’d remain ideas for the couple of months until finances are stable and my body can handle all the stress and strain.

Lent has come already and I failed to attend Ash Wednesday mass because I was so tired and drained yesterday. Sorry. Might be spending the Holy Week again in the North just because the in-laws are vacationing but I still have a month or so to weigh up things. For now, I need a decent sleep, a good meal that is Korean with lots of banchan and an easy date night –stargazing on summer evening at my porch 😀 Tara!



I started the day early today because I have personal errands to attend before going to work. At 5:30am even though feeling cold I rise up and prepare to bath. I caught ze husband finishing his coffee when I stepped out of the shower, oh he’s coming with me 🙂 I thought he’d stay and that I’ll be serviced again by Grab. I thought he’s also visiting the SIL and nephew but told me he’s going to drop me first. Edsa is not our usual route because traffic there is hell like, sometimes it’s a big parking lot however, Waze was directing us to use Edsa this time, so be it. Traffic was not that bad maybe because we’re driving North, at past 8am we were already around Araneta Center. Probably ze husband sensed that I might get myself lost in-transit going to Greenhills later on, he waited until I finished my business. Thank you ‘ney for your thoughtfulness, I know you’re not too showy but you love, love me tho. 😀

Today is a good day and God proved me again and again that He would always lift me in times of trouble. Sometimes it only takes a single simple prayer and He works His way. How can you not believe in God? It’s almost weekend folks, I heard a friend’s mom passed away last night. It’s sad. So to everyone out there always greet the day with sunny thoughts and a smile of thankfulness.

May our weekend be blessed. ♥



reflections at 43


I recently turned 43 and had a lot of realisation even before turning a year older. I dunno with you but I really don’t mind getting old each year, I worry less of age because it’s just a number and what really matter is the impact you have made to yourself, to family and friends, to your community, to your country and what made you as a person. Okay, I won’t dare talk of being a partisan, hehehe, let’s leave those articles to Mocha Uson and her counterparts. 🙂


In the past, especially of last year I celebrated my 42nd birthday with a blast, I had a number of celebrations bec I thought I needed that outlet, I needed to be surrounded by many –for what? A smug satisfaction perhaps? I really do not know what I am trying to prove the reason of my extravagant celebrations. Way of saying thank you? It was my lame excuse because I felt I owe them something. When in fact the real thing, I’m always the giver, the pleaser. And many times in the past I felt I’m taken for granted because who cares? Who truly cares? I can name a real few. Sigh!

Sometimes when you’re at age like me you came to a point, mostly on slow days, you tend to recollect things in the past and everytime it happened I’m saddened, there’s obvious fakeness in everything that surrounds me. But then, I can’t change people and events, I can’t preach sincerity, it’s not easy to deal with falseness and beyond. So, I guess for me it’s either you win it or lose it, I have to be true to myself and discard the rotten tomatoes in my basket. So there, let my drama series take a close from here, for now.


Happy happy birthday ‘ney! 


My birthday fell on a Saturday and my girls at the office gave me an advance party on the 13th. It’s ze husband’s birthday by the way but we really didn’t celebrate, I remember us having la paz batchoy at one of our favorite stop after he blew his birthday candle at home, thank you Darwin & Rosette for the chocolate cake.


Back at the office, my girls go overboard this time and decked my post like I’m James Reid’s number one fan. I’m a fan but not a die-hard one, nothing compared with my fangirling to Ely Buendia during Eheads stardom. Uhm girls, I appreciate all the effort you put in making that James Reid daydream look in your eye, other than I might be too old for this, whachathink? 😀 Next time, next year, can you please tone down to a lighter theme? Say Kate Spade inspired? That classy black and pink visuals? Go at Pinterest for some inspiration, please. Of course, I didn’t tell anyone that I’m a bit uncomfortable of the James Reid banderitas, I silently requested one of the utility boys to neatly remove the decors after everyone left that day. Sorry girls, I’m not really complaining but this is too much hype. Hahaha.


Nonetheless, thank you team for making my birthday always a merry one. 🙂


Anyhow, I was treated to lunch by the team. We had the traditional cake blowing, I got two Sansrival cake just bec it’s my all-time favorite. Hey, I also love Mary Grace and Contis and Costa Brava or Hizon’s, why not Estrel’s? I only wish they could read this blog so it’d be easy for them to prepare, hehehe. And because I don’t want to splurge anymore this year to extra celebrations I just ordered meryenda chow in the afternoon –pancit, mini-sandwiches and chicken lolly. I also don’t want to extend the celebration come Monday that’s why I also advance my birthday blow-out. Simple.


We’re already home during my birthday but ze husband had to drive back to Manila at 7am so I was left again, and like what I initially planned I will just sleep on my birthday. At almost noontime I was surprised to wake at the smell of pancit, oh somebody cooked for me, of course it was Nanay. She also cooked the classic spaghetti, I bet ze husband requested this because I was nagging him the other night about neglecting my birthday. Really, it’s been long since someone make an effort at home, I can’t even remember the last time.


By mid-afternoon the sister’s fam arrived and some cousins –pabebe boys, they all stayed until dinner time so the house was like in festive mood again. Ze husband and I were supposed to go out for coffee that night but sensing that he’s tired already I stopped myself from being brash. After all, his weekends are never really all about resting bec when he’s home the fur kiddos are on ultra-hyper mode, all three wanted his attention.


Sometimes you really questioned yourself what makes you happy, and what makes me happy is home. I always look forward to coming home and spending my weekend break with ze husband, with my maternal fam, with the fur kiddos. I love the crisp morning air and cottony clouds. I know every year would be a different story and every year I might have a different realisation and thoughts, but every year I’d turn to look at this blog and remember how blessed I am despite of all the misfortunes. Thank you Lord for the gift of life. ♥



road trip: camp benjamin + don limone

Back in October, my good friend Ar and I went on a sisterly date bec the rest of the girls were busy with domestic duties –laundry, store-keeping, mopping, cooking, feeding the kids and probably keeping a close eye of the husbands. 😀 And just bec Ar and I have minimal issues like that it’s always a go esp when Ar’s Saturdays are free from boring board meets.

It’s a carefree day, which I love, there was no itinerary to follow. We really didn’t plan anything but days before our “gala” I scouted a few restos around. I don’t want us to settle to the usual and besides I want someplace where we could hangout long, ideally away from the coveted and crowded Tagaytay.


I checked Camp Benjamin in Alfonso, I’ve been seeing friends on my timeline visiting the place. I eventually got curious esp that the pictures I’ve seen were farm-like.

Camp Benjamin. <excerpt from the official site>

It started with the dream of its founders and funders to give their best to the Lord (notwithstanding their earthly possessions and talents) to attend to battle-weary souls in a secure, relaxing, farm-like and yet modern-looking camp. The goal is to nurture them back to uncanny strength, vigor and conviction — ready to serve the world again much like the Benjamins’ of old and the “Benjamins” we see today serving people with a warrior’s courage and a servant’s heart.

For all that enters its gate, CB is anchored on two-pronged vision of wellness and transformation – a learning facility at its core and a place for physical restoration. It uses as much organic methods (farm life if you may) as it could to restore people’s health and strength while at the same time showcases advances in technology that inspire the mind and makes the world a better place to live in.


I guess with the camp’s vision alone, I’m sold! 🙂 I’d like to spend some time at this place and have a peaceful sojourn. I wish the girls and I can spend a night getaway again. Anyway, we arrived at CB around 3pm, we headed at Mon’s Restaurant bec we’re up to a late lunch or consider it as an early dinner, either way in our case. Mon’s is a fusion of modern and traditional taste and accordingly ingredients are locally grown and sourced from a nearby farm, probably at the neighboring Win Farm.


We ordered a full set and probably the house specialties. On our table (sorry no close-up photo of Crispy Kare-Kare and Ginataang Puso),

Classic Chicken Adobo cooked in thick Cocoa sauce

Crispy Boneless Pork Leg served with sautéed organic vegetables and rich peanut sauce

Spicy banana heart in coconut cream sauce wrapped in lettuce leaves


Amongst, I fancy the chicken adobo and funny how the cocoa sauce didn’t really taste strong despite the thick depiction. I got a little skin of the boneless kare-kare so I can’t really tell how it fare. The ginataan dish was excellent bec the gata was heavy the way I like it. Really, I enjoyed the meal but not exceedingly impressive for me bec I was feeling under the weather that time and my palate was bland. Nevertheless, I love Mon’s because of its hill side location, it’s literally a breath of fresh air, homey feel I love. We skipped getting dessert at Mon’s although I was eyeing to try the Bibingkrep, next time.


By the way, Tatang G was with us bec ya know I can’t drive besides his presence add a little fun around. Hehehe. Before leaving Camp Benjamin, Ar and I checked the nearby Shalom Hotel, I was wondering if we could peek in at their hotel rooms, unfortunately hotel was fully booked.


We decided to drive to Tagaytay for dessert, I was considering Twin Lakes but before we hit the main road I asked Tatang G to drive towards Tagaytay proper. We ended at Don Limone. At last cheesecakes!

Don Limone Grill in Tagaytay is easy to miss if you’re not really familiar because the signage along the road was unnoticeable. If you’re coming from Tagaytay-Mendez crossing, it’s on the left side of the road right at the junction where the road splits going to Mahogany Road. The restaurant itself is tucked inside a small residential compound, an insanely quiet neighborhood. I remember when ze husband and I attempt to dine one time, it was early morning because I was thinking of breakfast but they open only until 11am so we left unhappy. This time we arrived almost 6pm, I thought the restaurant would be packed by early diners but lo and behold we were the only guest until we left at around 8pm. A bit weird on a Saturday night eh?

Since we came here for dessert I didn’t bother to check the Mediterranean courses they offer, it’s a bit pricey for me –say lamb chops and lamb shanks, ridiculously expensive! We had the set dessert menu because there is no other choice I think. P400 for a slice of any cheesecake and refillable coffee, kaya sulitin na lang natin sa kape! We got Limoncello, New York and I think Bailey’s (?), we got different flavors so we got to share and taste each, I’m forever partial to NY cheesecake so tapos ang laban. There were also chilled wines, asked for the dessert lines if you’re pairing it with cheesecakes. We had a good chat here bec we own the place, I picked the corner near the bar bec I thought it’s a bit isolated and relax. And bec there were no other guest who came by, the staffs were very attentive. I’d like to go back at Don Limone and sample their espetada and baklava but probably on a daytime bec the place gets a bit creepy at night. Ask Ar and Tatang G they felt spirits would pop anytime and scare the three of us.


In general, it was a great Saturday with Ar bec we were able to get loose of the weekday hang-up. I look forward to our next meet-up and gala and road trip. ♥



MON’S RESTAURANT at CAMP BENJAMIN | Alfonso-Maragondon Road, Bgy. Taywanak Ilaya, Alfonso, Cavite | M. 0977-134-9078 or 0919-955-2758 | T.  (046) 683 – 6971 |


DON LIMONE GRILL | 4870 General Emilio Aguinaldo Mendez Crossing East, Tagaytay City | M. +63 9328732316



can still be here, still alive?

Been a long while, four months I guess based from my last post. Now, I wonder where I’ve been and skipped the blog for long? Actually, some alien kidnapped me and brought me to Mars, hehehe. Seriously tho I was like displaced from the usual routine, I felt I was shut somewhere else because I was ill the entire time I was away from the blogosphere. I spent more time in bed and sleep was more than a reward. I hate those days because I can’t do so much. And worst is I have to pretend I’m getting better or else I possibly spent the holidays in a cold hospital bed, and miss all the fun and gatherings and spoil the maternal Christmas traditions.

But I’m back now, the supplements I’m taking for a week now spells energy. I won’t advertise or recommend because what’s good for me may not be good for you other than it was truly helpful because I’m getting some colors now –from yellowish I’m turning pinkish now so who would have thought I’d make it on New Year’s Eve, and cooked the entire Media Noche spread in two hours. I was in panicked tho and was putting a lot of pressure to ze husband who was my helper that time. Nonetheless all ends well and we had a decent NY spread to welcome 2017.

Anyway, this is just a prelude to my coming post(s) and a note to everyone that I still breathe the same air you do. By the way, alongside with the new year I turned a year older also. Wish me loads of pinky days ahead so I have plenty of good things to look back each time the sky will turn dark and grey.


Happy 2017 loves ♥