papal visit 2015


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The papal visit last month was something very historical and significant, it was a lifetime event for many Filipino people that even non-Catholic showed big respect for the highest leader of the Catholic Church. When Pnoy declared a 3-day special non-working holiday in the metro I was very happy of course because I can finally go somewhere else after my birthday without excusing myself from work. There was even plan of going abroad but because the prep was too tight the proposal easily flew away, we’re now considering a different date when everyone is free and I hope this one pushes in time because I’m too excited you know. 😛 The husband and I thought about visiting Baguio for that we-time alone but booking a hotel or even hostel was pain in the ass and it’s like everyone I knew was hitting Baguio on the same dates. I feel sad that the holidays kept on coming and yet I’m stuck at where I am and the Manila-Cavite drive was sickening already and becoming expensive as well. My only consolation when visiting home was the plenty of wet kisses I always get from the big B and from his budding adorable son Astro, and yes the regular hug from our Lucky Boy who wouldn’t let go.


But aside from all these plans and hullabaloo of the holiday I was in for something else, something I really wanted to do because it’s now or never. I want to see the Pope! I want even a glimpse of him because this maybe my only chance because Rome…Rome is another of those impossible dream unless someone will sponsor the trip or we’d win millions to lotto. So, on his second day in Manila we trooped to SM MOA to witness his coming at the Arena. I went with SAM and P; I picked the two kids early morning at BGC and let them sleep a few at home before we travelled to Pasay. On our way, I was surprised at how clean the streets and traffic was very light despite some road closures, it was like everyone was closely controlled. I wish that everyday could be like this. Arriving at MOA, there were already lines of people at the façade where the Pope’s convoy will pass by but first we have to stuff ourselves because waiting and standing would be our next challenge. We quickly wiped our lunch at Yellow Cab and walked back right away to where we’re allowed to. The thin line was more than doubled this time and we’re almost on the 6th row, giving us a very little chance to see the convoy once it passes by.




We started to wait at 2pm, when in fact the convoy will pass at 5pm or so but we can’t take chances otherwise all our penitence will be put to nothing. SAM was very willing to wait and in fact made it to the 3rd row even before the Pope’s arrival, while our little P became irate and began to throw tantrums in the middle of the throng of people. What can you expect from a 7-year old kid? Anyway, to pacify him I allowed him to go on his way, on conditions that he would not stray away, I should see him from where I stand and he would not entertain any invite or convo from a total stranger.




It was past 5pm already when the Pope’s convoy started to roll at the MOA grounds and everyone was giddy waiting for the Pope’s smile and hand wave. I thought I could capture a decent photo because from where I stand the view was clear, not until the Pope passes by, it became uncontrollable, I could imagine now how it’s like being in the Ultra stampede, it was like hell, I could feel how people at my back were trying to climb at my shoulders just so they can get a better spot. It was sickening that awhile I thought everything was in order and safe, well, it’s not really especially for kids. So, now you know why I have no better photo of the Pope, I feared that my iPhone will trip over too because even my arms was swayed to nowhere. It was totally out of control.


I’ve seen the Pope, it was very calming and that was my comfort. It paid-off to wait other than after the event I have plenty of realization over. Not everyone who lined up was true enough to what they immortalize or to what they’re trying to represent, in short they’re too hypocritical –fake, that probably just wanted the hang of it. Take for example these little incidents which all happened while we were there –while trying to get a good location to watch the convoy my nephew P accidentally bumped into this middle-aged lady, she thought that they boy was on his own so she yelled “Hoy Taba!”. P didn’t hear it but I did because I was walking behind, when the lady felt that I was the boy’s companion she shies away and almost fled from where she stands. Another one, SAM’s pony tail accidentally hit this lady’s face, it was understandable because from where SAM stands this lady was closely standing behind her and because it’s overly crowded any shift will be felt by the person standing next to you. The lady on her irritated tone says, “Miss ang buhok mo!”, my niece quickly says “Sorry po” and stay put while this lady’s face remained stiff as if she didn’t hears the word sorry. She never knew that I was the girl’s companion not until SAM and I started short convo. I know the lady got a bit surprised that’s why she initiated a little convo with his teen son to break the moment. Yes, these were petty incidents and I have to let go, I did actually even before leaving the crowded area but my point is, you are warned already that the place would be crammed full, if you’re not ready to get pushed or pull or being stepped then you should not go or better got yourself a ticket at the Arena so you’ll be in comfy seat. Many times during the event I was pushed and hit but none that I cannot tolerate even when the man beside me started to eat his Yum burger. I know it’s not only me who finds the burger smelly, I could turn my back or cover my nose but I don’t want to offend him, and his companion, so I had no choice but to hold my breathing for a while, the smell won’t kill me, tho it will probably trigger my migraine.


I know I was tried –my patience actually, not to get back at these pretend-righteous individuals. But this occasion left me saddened that amidst the faith of these people, there these rotten attitude. It’s not too hard to let go when someone or something upsets you. And it’s easier to be gentle and forgiving more than you thought.


I’m sorry Miss Napoles, yes; this lady is replica of the one who masterminded the PDAF scam. I could have captured a stolen shot of your face but I didn’t because I don’t want to give you too much publicity on this blog and your unlikable attitude. Oh and by the way, I had this feeling now that maybe you just envy SAM’s healthy hair minus the dandruffs that you sport. My bad! 😦


Thank you Pope Francis for the mercy and compassion! ♥


41 and still…

…caption the title not the picture ↓ 😀



I had no plans of having a big birthday during my 41st, honestly, I wanted a quiet time with the husband and we initially planned going somewhere else as we marked our birthday’s one after the other once more. You see, when you’re at this age you want more time alone to think about plenty of stuff, like the next 5 years or the next 10 years. It’s the time to reflect more, to sort out and polish things around you, it’s like a closet clean-up or in a better perception you sort out potatoes in the bin and put the good one in one pile, the doubtful in another, and then throw out the rotten ones. Such easy-peasy to put into words, how I wish the real thing is like that.







Anyhow, a day before my birthday my girls at the office gave me a surprise treat with singing and cake and some snacks. They advance the celebration because they thought I will absent myself on the 14th, not their best guess. Hehehe. Nevertheless, I was in awe at how prepared they were. I appreciate all your team effort in making my birthday always a happy one despite how gloomy the weather is –from getting my favorite cake every year, for the Sesame Street theme, that depicts my age so well and for the cute & sexy caricature of moi. I hope this attempt to surprise me has nothing to do with the nearing performance appraisal. 😀


Since it was officially the husband’s birthday that day, I went home early to cook a bit for him so he’d feel it’s a special day. He’ll eat grilled more than fried. I prepared the simplest, a slab of pork belly! My JML Stone-ware Grill is so worth it, I’ll try to make a review of this wonderful griller soon. Because it’s  mid-week we skipped going out, my energy was very low. Little did I know he got me a little surprise to welcome my birthday too. ♥




And it’s no coincidence, he bought me the favorite sansrival too and a dinner take-out from Kenny Rogers for us to share. I feel so loved. ♥ Actually, even before the birthday month and even before the Christmas holidays I felt that the husband was changed –extra clingy, extra sweet, un totoo ‘ney me kelangan ka? Hahaha. Kiddin’ aside I feel his love was greater even now and whether it’s pretend or not, I don’t care for as long as I’m getting all the attention I want.






Happy Birthday to me! 🙂 The highlight of my birthday was my turn to surprise my girls and some colleagues back at work. Even if I already declared to myself that I will just let the day go, I couldn’t help but to celebrate a bit, I cannot discard the thought that it’s my birthday and I need to smile and be merry for a while and most importantly be thankful for the life.



For lunch, I ordered a few staples from Shifu Master Kitchen –Shifu Fried Chicken, Three Egg Polonchay, and Shanghai Fried Rice & Birthday Noodles. I thought it’s a bit healthier rather than the usual fare from Ambers or from CCME and mind you it’s tastier. The Thee Egg Polonchay was a big hit. It was a simple birthday lunch yet brimming with happy people around. Thank you to my former teammate Roma for my blowing cake and my college bud, Rosette, for my take home cake. I’m so blessed to have these thoughtful people around me, they’re my constant reminder of hard work, willpower and success, they’re the ones keeping me sane at work and helps me get by everyday.




Following that weekend, we throw a simple thanksgiving get-together at home and invited the maternals and my best buds in high school. Our guests were somewhat at a loss at first but ended happy with the spread because it’s very different from the conventional buffet they’re accustomed. You know the province-like merienda cena with pancit, puto, biko, etc.; we made a twist when we served shabu-shabu and grilled that Saturday afternoon. And guests were like, uh…oh…ah.





After all these happenings and eating and laughing, I can’t say I’m at my happiest, I can’t even say I’m happier compared to last year. I don’t want to compare because everytime I’d do so, I’ll end up feeling unhappy and discontented. I just don’t want any unhappy thoughts right now, and I don’t want to attract negativity because it’s a mischievous sprite, it won’t do any good and it won’t be of any help to anyone.

Getting old each year is not a curse; it’s a blessing that you should embrace. 🙂


P.S. I may be on my early forty now but if you’d knew me way back when I was 30, I’m kinda haven’t change majorly except for a “few” pounds heavier now. Ciao!


9th at TED’s


On our 9th wedding anniversary day we didn’t really went out because the husband had work, he traded his day off to be Sunday also that weekend so he don’t need to drive back and forth just to pick me up at the parental house. For once, I agree on the terms he wanted that we will celebrate the day after. So, despite the lack of better sleep that Sunday we drove to Laguna or else, he knew I would threw tantrums like my seven-year old nephew. 😀

The whole fambam joined us as we marked our wedding anniv, I wanted them to celebrate with us because they’ve been with us through our journey tho the most part maybe the “thick” times only because I was never been vocal of the times we sailed roughly. I think there are things that you should not spoke to anyone, rather fix it as husband and wife and so we did. Look at how we are now, our marriage may not be perfectly shaped other than we’re happy and assured that we’re going to celebrate our 10th and the succeeding years to come.

Anyhow, we normally don’t invite Tatay anymore if we’re driving too far because he had this tendency to displease the happy thoughts, he easily gets annoyed and drained thus his presence is becoming a burden at times but because we’re celebrating as a family, we don’t want to leave him behind with the house helps at home, except that we didn’t tell him where we’re going to and how far it will be. He thought for a while that we’re dining just around Tagaytay or the bordering Nuvali restaurants, that’s why he was silence for a while. At any rate, we know he would discover that we’re going afar from the usual route and we’re very sure he would disapprove but sorry ‘Tay, we’re almost there. Hehehe


I read about Ted’s from blogs I follow, and Jewel (of Madjewelled) made it to the place a week before we scheduled our trip so I was more thrilled to visit. Ted’s is picture perfect for me; it’s the place I’ve been dreaming and fancied to have someday. I wanted to run a similar place –a quaint café to cultivate what I love most and enhance my passion. I think with a set-up like Ted’s, I’d leave the corporate world as easy as 1-2-3.






Since its nearing Christmas then, the place was decked with Christmas ornaments including Santa and reindeers and poinsettias all over. It’s like I was transported to somewhere else, some place I can live my whole life, some place where Christmas is all year round. I love it to bits. ♥


Smoothies: Our personal favorites –Apple Basil and Choco Banana Peanut Butter Milkshake, the former was refreshing and the latter was deliciously good with all the flavors in one sip.


Clam Chowder: Not as thick as the one sold in S&R, which I can eat almost everyday, but this could be ah-uh okay.


Fish ‘N Chips: I’m not a fan because everytime I’d think of fish ‘n chips, it’s just dory in my mind. But Ted’s was a good try because the batter had that unique crisp so I love. 


Grilled Shrimp and Garlic Pizza: This could go better with the thick crust, nonetheless it was flavorful and cheesy just the way we like. 


Ted’s Sausage Linguine: Yeah, sure looks creamy and it was wipe out very quick!


Baked Lasagna: Credits to the teen lady for this cropped photo 🙂 


Creamy Seafood Puttanesca: Because it’s creamy and heavily filled with my favorite seafood, I could easily finish the plate all alone but I had to share. Sharing is loving remember that. ♥


US Baby Back Ribs: For the win! Tho a bit small for a full slab nobody mind because it was tasty and truly fall-of-the-bone.


Oreo Cheesecake: I’f you’d been reading the old blogs, you’ll probably know by now that I’m addicted to cheesecake except that oreo and cheesecake I’d like to eat them separately. We have to order this slice for the kids.


Choco Lava: Boys in our household are chocolate lovers too! This was ultra-moist and the pudding-like center was creamy, gooey chocolate goodness. 



Red Velvet: Perhaps not the best red velvet I had in my life right now nevertheless, cream cheese frosting is ♥ .

I made sure that my party will not regret coming to this dinner place, it’s quite a drive from the upland and traffic flow along the highway was not too friendly either. Since we arrived at Ted’s almost dinner time, we got some rice plates and pastas, and pizzas and soups and smoothies and cakes and coffee. They can order anything they fancy and yet I remained positive that it won’t exceed my budget because everything is so affordable and neat.


I’m sorry but I couldn’t recall by now how much each plate cost but you can take a look at the cute menu board I captured so to give you an idea that everything is reasonably priced plus serving is fine for two (not so big eaters, okay 😀 ). If you’d ask, my personal favorites were the Full Slab Baby Back Ribs, Creamy Seafood Puttanesca and Red Velvet slice.


The little downside of Ted’s was its service, soon as the resto got packed service slowed and it took us like forever following up our additional orders including glasses of water, perhaps they can adjust the number of wait staffs especially on weekend and holidays to address this, nonetheless I would still go back at Ted’s because there’s this just wonderful feel I couldn’t decode.



Well, it’s obvious that Ted’s is charming and cute just like these two.


I definitely want to go back, I should. We should. Sometime in December. I hope they’ll run another Backyard BBQ Buffet because we’re not going to miss it this time.


Our way home was kinder this time, traffic was moving and because everyone was full there was no whining anymore. We even made side trips at Tindahan ng Itlog ni Kuya in Victoria to get trays of salted eggs, balut and kinulob na itik. The last stop we made was at Crown Asia in Sta. Rosa to gaze at the Frozen theme display. Guess who was super happy and amaze?


One amazing weekend. One happy family. One happy couple. Thank you Lord for the giving me so much, more than what I truly deserve. 🙂



TED’s by MonDay Chefs

KM 83 National Highway Brgy Duhat, 4009 Santa Cruz, Laguna

M. +63 9158669974


Store Hours : Tuesday to Wednesday 10am to 1030pm, Thursday to Sunday 8am to 1130pm. Monday- Closed



Tindahan ng Itlog ni Kuya Atbp.

T. Dator Street, Barangay Nanhaya

Victoria, Laguna

M. +63 9156468134

a prelude

Ever since I started to read and write I had that inkling that somehow, someday I’ll be writing my own story and read it time and time again.


Some time ago, I once dreamt of becoming a journalist but my grammar sucks in high school and I have problems with my tenses (up to know 😦 ), so getting a literature course was out of the question then, besides the parental would never approve it anyway because they wanted me to have a professional sounding title –Engineer E or Architect E? Other than during the 90s, the computer course was a very demanding curriculum so I was rather pushed to take it with so many stories of better employment and greener pasture and probably a good life later on. So, back in college I killed the yet amateurish writer in me. I had to because college life sucks when you have all the Math subjects in the world. But there’s this one person during my sophomore year at the university that boost up my confidence, the gay English prof in Technical Writing, he appreciated my piece of writing and sense and style. He’d commend me always during class and I thought that was more than enough to rekindle my love to reading and writing essays and letters. I practiced so much with the latter because I regularly send letter to friends, the handwritten one which I miss doing now.

At the height of my telecom career, I wrote letters to my celebrity crush and practice a bit of poetry in it. I also wrote meaningful letters to a special buddy in Baguio and mostly to the ex who gave me heartaches soon after. I gave up writing once again because I was brokenhearted and my story became so dark, I focused on the tangible which eventually led me to misery. With nothing else left, bit by bit, I rekindled old diaries and journaled each day. Until I found the love of my life. Until the first blog where January unveiled her spirit and mind.

To date, this will be the third blog and I hope to continue the enthusiasm of writing about things I’m crazy about. This blog is lovingly dedicated to my family and friends, to my fur babies and to my silent readers out there. Hey you!


Life’s too short so let’s eat more cake and chocolates and sweets. ♥