41 and still…

…caption the title not the picture ↓ 😀



I had no plans of having a big birthday during my 41st, honestly, I wanted a quiet time with the husband and we initially planned going somewhere else as we marked our birthday’s one after the other once more. You see, when you’re at this age you want more time alone to think about plenty of stuff, like the next 5 years or the next 10 years. It’s the time to reflect more, to sort out and polish things around you, it’s like a closet clean-up or in a better perception you sort out potatoes in the bin and put the good one in one pile, the doubtful in another, and then throw out the rotten ones. Such easy-peasy to put into words, how I wish the real thing is like that.







Anyhow, a day before my birthday my girls at the office gave me a surprise treat with singing and cake and some snacks. They advance the celebration because they thought I will absent myself on the 14th, not their best guess. Hehehe. Nevertheless, I was in awe at how prepared they were. I appreciate all your team effort in making my birthday always a happy one despite how gloomy the weather is –from getting my favorite cake every year, for the Sesame Street theme, that depicts my age so well and for the cute & sexy caricature of moi. I hope this attempt to surprise me has nothing to do with the nearing performance appraisal. 😀


Since it was officially the husband’s birthday that day, I went home early to cook a bit for him so he’d feel it’s a special day. He’ll eat grilled more than fried. I prepared the simplest, a slab of pork belly! My JML Stone-ware Grill is so worth it, I’ll try to make a review of this wonderful griller soon. Because it’s  mid-week we skipped going out, my energy was very low. Little did I know he got me a little surprise to welcome my birthday too. ♥




And it’s no coincidence, he bought me the favorite sansrival too and a dinner take-out from Kenny Rogers for us to share. I feel so loved. ♥ Actually, even before the birthday month and even before the Christmas holidays I felt that the husband was changed –extra clingy, extra sweet, un totoo ‘ney me kelangan ka? Hahaha. Kiddin’ aside I feel his love was greater even now and whether it’s pretend or not, I don’t care for as long as I’m getting all the attention I want.






Happy Birthday to me! 🙂 The highlight of my birthday was my turn to surprise my girls and some colleagues back at work. Even if I already declared to myself that I will just let the day go, I couldn’t help but to celebrate a bit, I cannot discard the thought that it’s my birthday and I need to smile and be merry for a while and most importantly be thankful for the life.



For lunch, I ordered a few staples from Shifu Master Kitchen –Shifu Fried Chicken, Three Egg Polonchay, and Shanghai Fried Rice & Birthday Noodles. I thought it’s a bit healthier rather than the usual fare from Ambers or from CCME and mind you it’s tastier. The Thee Egg Polonchay was a big hit. It was a simple birthday lunch yet brimming with happy people around. Thank you to my former teammate Roma for my blowing cake and my college bud, Rosette, for my take home cake. I’m so blessed to have these thoughtful people around me, they’re my constant reminder of hard work, willpower and success, they’re the ones keeping me sane at work and helps me get by everyday.




Following that weekend, we throw a simple thanksgiving get-together at home and invited the maternals and my best buds in high school. Our guests were somewhat at a loss at first but ended happy with the spread because it’s very different from the conventional buffet they’re accustomed. You know the province-like merienda cena with pancit, puto, biko, etc.; we made a twist when we served shabu-shabu and grilled that Saturday afternoon. And guests were like, uh…oh…ah.





After all these happenings and eating and laughing, I can’t say I’m at my happiest, I can’t even say I’m happier compared to last year. I don’t want to compare because everytime I’d do so, I’ll end up feeling unhappy and discontented. I just don’t want any unhappy thoughts right now, and I don’t want to attract negativity because it’s a mischievous sprite, it won’t do any good and it won’t be of any help to anyone.

Getting old each year is not a curse; it’s a blessing that you should embrace. 🙂


P.S. I may be on my early forty now but if you’d knew me way back when I was 30, I’m kinda haven’t change majorly except for a “few” pounds heavier now. Ciao!


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