christmas time and the new year {2016}


*photo taken at Rustan’s Shangri-la 

I’ve always been a big fan of Christmas, of the whole yuletide thing, and that’s one of the many reasons why the blogs were named after winter –my picture actually of Christmas is winter!


*snapshot from the workplace, such creative guys 🙂

And why January? Why not, it’s my birth month after all and Christmas extends until January, and January is one of the coldest months, and tho nature looked ghostly and lonely during this time I love it nonetheless.


The last time I checked its 70+ days to go before Christmas Day, and then Christmas went by sooo fast including the New Year and its 2016 now. For the last 41 years Christmas has been my most anticipated occasion other than last year was a totally different story. The activities remained the same including shopping for family and friends, the trimmings –my sister’s blue tree depicts how I was despite the happy face, the happy thoughts and the festivities abound, the blissful get-togethers and overabundance of food. I don’t want to change a thing regardless of what happened, I don’t want to bring a sad feel at the household, I want them to embrace Christmas the usual albeit the thought of missing Tatay.


*our little Miss was such a model


First Christmas without Tatay was life changing; I kept tears from falling every mention of him. I find it very difficult to discard the idea that he’s gone, not in days, not in years because it’s forever in my lifetime. I remember him fondly when ze husband and I were on our last minute shopping a week before Christmas. I remember how it’s quite a challenge to buy him a gift that is not a repeat of the previous years, a piece that he would appreciate and use. And suddenly he made it easy for me this year, Tay I don’t really mind the struggle every year to please you, if only I could turn back time.


Christmas morning. We don’t really celebrate Noche Buena, we don’t stay late until 12 midnight to gather and eat and open gifts so I was spared from crying on Christmas Eve. Like the usual we’d always asked the kids to sleep early so Santa can finally land his sleigh and leave gifts underneath the tree. Before bed I placed my gifts to everyone, I always make sure everyone has a box to open, I’m their no-secret Santa anyway. The household was all up by 7am, excited and cheery, while at the back of my mind I just secretly hoped they love my gifts.


It was a happy occasion when everyone started to open their gifts, I gave Nanay 3 gifts this year because I don’t want her to feel empty, and I don’t want her to feel short of anything just because Tatay is no longer around. I know I can’t replace the missing person with any worldly goods but at least I was doing well in distracting them for a time and be merry.


Merry Christmas fam! 🙂


My happy B and Astro Boi were equally happy of their Christmas presents. 


We had our usual visitors on Christmas Day –godchildren, relatives and the maternal fam of course. We skipped the usual night out on Christmas Eve this time because of the horrible traffic last year plus I don’t really feel going out, I felt tired and because the following days would be busier, I want to reserve all the energy I have.


Happy Fiesta. Every year we observed the feast of St. John the Evangelist even if we don’t have too much plus the fact that we can’t stop people from visiting. It’s a customary that we prepare lunch {and take outs} for all visiting relatives and friends. Tatay loves and hates this occasion; he hates it because of the preparations, especially the artisanal “ube” making.



Team Eyaya. Concurrence with the fiesta we marked this day as the E-family get-together as well. We thought it’s a good venue because we don’t need to prepare food anymore plus everyone would be coming, meaning free that day from any other activities and we’re seeing the New Year a lot more occupied. By late noon, we gathered the maternal fam for the traditional exchange gifts, we had three categories this time, the tots, pabebe {teens} and the adult. It was a fun, fun afternoon, one that I cannot trade with anything because these people had been my jack-in-the-box, Jim Carrey {for the wits, naks!}, MacGyver {for the skills to seemingly unsolvable problems –bukas kotse, hacker ng wifi, what a showcase of talent guys!}. Kiddin’ aside they’re my closest family, they’ve been the most thoughtful and it’s time tested.


I love you fam! Hopefully, this year would a happier sight especially that our generous sponsor would be coming home to celebrate Christmas here.


Media Noche. It’s festive like the previous years. The dayout at Divi Market happened early morning, the kids even squeezed SB while at Binondo and we even had more time to shop at S&R Macapagal this time. By 11am, errands were completed and we’re so ready to head home. I can only wish Manila roads be like traffic-less everyday so everyone will be productive and stress-free.


*chicken pastel with homemade dough bec filo pastry was so hard to find 


Anyhow, soon as we hit home we started the preparations for NYE. My sister was our Chef de cuisine that night; she’s in-charge of the mains while I went busy with the entrée {salad + cheese platter} and the overall buffet table set-up. We had everything covered and for the first time again in many years a decent cake landed in our table, yehey!


Holy Jolly Cake from Cupcakes by Sonja, this was more like an effigy of the Rainbow Fiesta cake available all year round {my guess}.


The first time I tasted it brought back so much of childhood memories, old birthdays because of the marshmallow icing. I suddenly remember the years of deprivation of eating sweets because I was a sickly duckling with tonsillitis issue.


We lit fireworks again this year, I remember how Tatay dislikes this NY activity because of its risks and other unhealthy effects other than it really add colors and joy to every household. Sorry ‘Tay but we couldn’t just kill this practice every year. I missed your ranting over us.


And we had salo-salo after welcoming the New Year, everyone enjoyed the widespread.


2015 was like a nightmare for us, it’s been a real rough year, we lost Tatay in a snap, but all his memories are reminder of good things, better things to come. We miss you ‘Tay and we hope you had your first holiday in heaven merry like when you were here.


A better 2016 is all I hope and pray, happy New Year ‘ney! ♥ Uhm…stop annoying me please. 😀


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