balay dako by antonio’s


One of Tagaytay’s new player at the moment is Balay Dako, tho it’s already almost marking its first anniversary (not really sure if it opened June or during the last week of May last year) we didn’t pay a visit right away generally because budget is tight, the kids are grown-up now and at times counted as adults already hence they can no longer eat for free or discounted for that matter. Next, I want to justify that this Sunday breakfast is called for so I waited for one occasion to happen before we finally visited and lastly, I want the hype to die down a bit so we can enjoy the place with lesser crowd.

But our visit during the Chinese New Year last February wasn’t a good move either, I was actually expecting a lot of people following the long weekend other than it’s now or never for me. We arrived at Balay Dako past 7am (no reservations for breakfast buffet just like at Bag of Beans) and to my dismay there were already too many waiting groups ahead of us. I was a bit upset that we’ll get to eat breakfast late; I was assuming that everyone who made it ahead of us were taking their time and savoring the best of the best, like what we actually planned to do.

While waiting I wasted my time checking out the restaurant in and out.


Balay Dako literally means Big House in Negrense and the façade itself depicts affluence. Oh, those big glass windows and balustrade, I fell in love instantly. ♥


From the entrance was the waiting area which was spacious and comfy because there were benches to sit down. We lounged here for about 30mins or more while waiting for our table.



Pre-breakfast photo, we all looked sleepy and cold. 


Comedor sounds very authentic and colonial; this is the 2nd level where lunches and dinners (?) are enjoyed with that panoramic view of Taal Lake as backdrop. Best if you can book the table beside the windows.


So I guess these were the old people who used to live at this big house. Well, these wedding photos were very traditional from wayback and I like the idea tho and planning to display ours once we’re back at the old house so people have something old to look at and scary. Hahaha.


There was also a deli store where you can buy Antonio’s products –marmalade, freshly-baked breads, green harvest, tokens and even dainty night gowns.


Anyhow, when we were finally given a table I was disappointed because we were seated al fresco not even considering that there was light rain earlier and the weather wasn’t really very good (just look at how grey the clouds were). Apart from it, the cold breeze was unwanted at that time especially that we have a toddler and a senior in tow. Have we known that we will be dining just like this we should have brought along hooded jackets too. I told the lady crew to transfer us once there’s an available table indoor, I reminded her not just twice because I want to enjoy a warm and comforting breakfast but despite my plea she remained as dead cold as the breakfast fare we ate that morning. 😦  Don’t tell me now that no table was made available at the indoors from the time when we were seated, my point is you could have lined-up us again or given priority before you allowed a new group to come in. I wonder what could been if it rained again, was there a contingency set up for us?

Just because I don’t want to spoil our little Chinese celebration, I kept mum. The queue at the buffet stations were long so I shy away from taking photos because it would slow down and I don’t want to cause anymore delay to people who were lined behind me, they looked so han-gry already.




In all fairness there were many food sections and the breakfast spread was decent. I wish I had photos to share –they had bacons, beef tapa, adobo, tocino, corned beef, longganisa, daing na bangus, tuyo, sautéed veggies and so much more. There’s also an omelet station where you could choose your own fillings or request some sunny sides. Don’t also miss to check the bread station and try ensaymada (I heard its good) which I intentionally ignore because the bread will just go stale given its exposed to cold.  There’s also a salad station, fresh fruits, DIY fried rice (with queue to forever), desserts includes local deli.



They have taho and puto bumbong which I heart. Coffee, tsokolate-de batirol, tea and juices were also limitless. And the kids of course were treated to colorful cereals. 😀


And because we can’t stay too long sitting and slapped by the cold breeze, we had turns and photo ops at the scenic view, I also learned that this Terraza converts to a bar and grill resto during the night. Overall, I love Balay Dako except that I wish the staffs (especially the ladies) would be a little welcoming and smiling. If you’ve been to Breakfast at Antonio’s there’s this notice to customer that speaks about Courtesy and Respect, I always believe that respect is earned not given. You know what I’m saying, hehehe; I love the French maid uniform tho.


Post-breakfast photo, just the two of us this time 😀  

Buffet rates when we dined, P550 for adult, P350 P375 for kids below 4 ft and toddlers and babies eat for free.


P.S. Ze husband find the food salty and think that the chef must be old already, remember that our taste bud age as we do. A week ago a cousin-in-law dined there also, for lunch this time and she had the same feedback about the food –salty.


Balay Dako | Tagaytay-Nagsugbu Highway, 4120 Tagaytay City (besides Leslie’s and Max’s across Magallanes Square in Tagaytay) | For inquiries, please call (0943) 264-1680 or 0464134866



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