casetta del divino zelo, silang

Remember the P.S. I left on my Caffe’ Sant’ Antonio post, well this is it. 🙂


Maybe because I’m one lethargic blogger to date I lost track of new places and restaurants popping up recently. Let’s say that even the spring of many food bloggers now didn’t help convinced me to try anew, I’m very partial to old favorites and kept on going back. Like for instance in August, I visited Bag of Beans countless of times, that’s how consistent I am as a customer especially if there are no bad experience even at one time.

Honestly and no offense to food bloggers out there, I stopped getting recommendations from food blogs that write and eat at the same event because it’s likely reading the same thing, and there are biases sometimes. Tho I still believe some bloggers out there still try to deliver based on their own judgement and liking despite the free food.


Well, sometimes it helps that we’re always on the road because I get to peep at new establishments and catch sight of signage’s, these giving me ideas other than what really encourage me are recommendations of restaurant owners themselves to try this and this because they’re very open in posting they had a meal somewhere else despite having their own eating place. What a sport I think to even promote a possible contender? 🙂


Casetta Del Divino Zelo, an Italian restaurant tucked near Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm in Silang, Cavite was our lunch venue last Sunday. I got it from Lime and Basil’s IG feed and sought Google help later on. Of course I had high expectations especially that even the sassy lawyer cum writer had all good to say during her visit. The restaurant is owned by Tahanang Divino Zelo (Congregation of the Daughters of Divine Zeal) and is established to support the mission for the unexpected mother needing attention with her unborn child. And nuns operate the restaurant with some aide who’d clean tables and serve food.


* took home this flyer to give you a run through of what they serve

Pay As You Order. Do this at the counter located at the entrance, the menu is very simple and limited so it won’t take you too long to decide –pizza, pasta, desserts and drinks. They also sell freshly baked breads and pasalubongs including newly harvested vegetables.


The dining area is cozy and spacious with peaceful music playing –the classic Pavarotti!


Green-covered walkway leading to the chapel


Maria Madre Delle Vocazioni Chapel, 9am mass held every first and third Sunday of the month


Even before our food were served I smelled good food, something that delighted my senses without ado. First our pasta plates, all in generous serving, unpretentious and clean taste.


Bolognese P175. Think you can’t get wrong with this classic spaghetti minus the sweet sauce.


Marinara P235. Oil based pasta with generous fill of seafood.


Lasagna P250. The order was big, ideally can be shared by 2 people.


It looks plain but it tasted pleasant.  Sisters, if I may suggest why not add eggplants and herbs harvested at the Casetta’s compound.


I also got us Italian bread for P20 each. You can request it reheated and it tasted pretty good even without the olive oil and balsamic vinegar dip. Anyway, good that I didn’t asked for the dip because the restaurant maybe practicing the Italian food rule here.


We also got the family size Proscuito Con Arugola pizza P570 and at first bite I knew I run into something really great. If you’ve been watching TIMY I was like Basti savouring Greek yogurt while making Iris envious. Hahaha. 😛 I am convinced that pizza dough is made of good flour minus the extender –crusty edges and chewy inside. And if the principle of an Italian pizza is having it cooked thru wood-fired oven then Casetta’s pizzeria makes the grade.


We didn’t pass over on dessert, we ordered Ciambella Cake (Lemon Cake) P25/slice and Tiramisu P95.


The latter got me, I love its strong espresso flavor and it tasted coffee liquor as well. I forgot to ask how much a whole order is, I want to get one and enjoy it with coffee at home. About the Ciambella, uhm better to ask ze husband how it was because he didn’t share even a forkful. He forgot that I fancy lemon bars so it’s no-brainer that a lemon cake would be a favorite too. 😦


Drinks. They have Italian made coffee which I still have to try on the next visit. I ordered Cucumber P50/glass and it was real thirst-quencher, a must-try when you visit.


It was a wonderful lunch to date, one of those lazy Sundays after an early errand. Casetta’s is a perfect place if you want to dine and disappear from the hype of the mall ambiance, food is excellent and flavored even healthier. One place you’d like to go back again and savour Italian while you get a taste of nature and home. I’m definitely coming back! ♥



Casetta Del Divino Zelo (near Ilog Maria) | Km 47 Emilio Aguinaldo Highway Lalaan 1, Silang, Cavite | T. +46 6860714, +63927 6571458 | Opens every Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday 10:00am to 5:30pm


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