12 years

I missed to share so many events here including how ze husband and I marked our 11th wedding anniversary last 2016. I do not have a good recall of everything that happened because I was also sickly that time. I remember we had dinner at Friday’s because it’s the default resto I could think to celebrate an occasion. Last December during our 12th year, we also had a very humble dinner at the Power Plant Mall. It was a weekday and Christmas was so close by so we couldn’t go far besides I was always in Lola mode –I get so tired easily. Although, I really miss travelling during occasions we really have to drop the idea because we’re so low in resources for the last two years. Bills after bills, there were too many overhead while everyone around us thought my wallet is thick as a bible. I felt we were the only one’s trying to save up even the last cent and its sad. I have to live paycheck-to-paycheck and constantly scramble to make ends meet. Sigh!

Despite the struggle and all hurdles I remain positive and prayerful, I choose to shrug all the negative emotions and live life as normal as it can be. It wasn’t easy but at least its giving me peace and let me sleep at night. Oh, sorry if this post sounds too heavy and emotional, I thought it’s not really bad to vent once in a while and probably at least I’m giving you a peep of how’s it been with me for the times I was hibernating and procrastinating on what’s next.

At the moment I’m nowhere back in track but at least I’m slowly back in writing and of things that makes me happier. Please consider this post as my short comeback to the blogosphere.


And hey, I get to dine at Farm Organics twice already. The experience was impressive and worth sharing. How do I start nga with food post? Hehehe.

During the first visit, it was a no-occasion day. I was window shopping and waiting for ze husband at the same time. If you frequent Power Plant Mall especially the lower ground, you’ll notice that there’s a few fast-food outlets in there, only the big players so the rest were mid-range restaurants that will still cost you a thousand bucks for a small meal. Reality bites but mostly mall-goers at Rockwell are well-off and probably reside at the neighboring Bel-air or the surrounding exclusive villages, so they won’t mind the high priced single plate (imo). So, sometimes you really need to plan or set aside some when visiting this side of the city. And because I’ve been craving for the famed steak of Farm Organics, just imagine my wish coming true, finally! 😀

We got the New York Steak (local all-natural), medium-well woodfired cut that was really tender and delicious. I love their mushroom gravy; it was the perfect dip also of their Farm bread that look a lot like Pan de Manila’s pandesal.

Also got the Farm Salad with organic lettuce, feta cheese candied walnuts, arugula and The Farm mango vinaigrette dressing. And because we wanted something more, I ordered the Classic Cheeseburger –simply cheese, organic lettuce and sauce.

During our second visit, I don’t have any guilt at all because we’re celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary. I thought I can order anything I fancy this time except that I don’t like us to look PGs (patay gutom) with plenty of food for two. Hehehe.

This time we got the Rib Eye cut (you can choose between local all-natural and certified organic meat), well I thought it’s all the same and healthy. I love this cut especially its excellent flavor.

Got a plate of their Truffle Mushroom Pasta and it didn’t disappoint and serving was just right.

And to end our anniversary dinner we had the Chocolate Cheesecake with ganache.

Well, we don’t need a significant number to celebrate occasions like ours. Every year of our togetherness is a milestone already because we stand the test of time and circumstances and if there’s more to come I know we’ll let humour take on the very complex one and a good laugh together is all that matters. ♥



THE FARM ORGANICS | Lower Ground Floor, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell, Makati City | T. +632 8528228


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