a little love

A kid so desperately wanting some attention, some love from her family.

She was an ugly duckling and she believed it during her growing years. No cool friends, the subject of bullying while in Grade school and the outcast during school programs. She hated school at that early because she felt no one is in-charge of her; unlike her age group in school their parents were very supportive. Grade school graduations were supposed to be a happy occasion with even one parent around, so she thought of this very often.

The kid grew up with nothing but her low self-esteem. In her teen years, she almost wanted a mask and cover up her imperfections. She’s nothing but a weakling, identified only as the daughter. She thought making good in school will eventually change how people see her in and out. Finally, she gained friends, she gained respect, and she earned the reputation she deserves but she remained unhappy. All that she wanted was a family that will be proud of her feat.

She becomes a young lady, she dreams high when she first stepped in at the academe. She wanted change but it seems too hard to happen. She experienced being mocked and the worst being rejected. Though things weren’t new to her she was still hurting. She just wanted one thing, being accepted the way she is. And she wanted love this time. She wanted someone to reciprocate her feelings. Sadly, she failed.

Her independence gave her the big change, and then she was accepted by the new people in her life. It was a major revamped of the person she was before. She slowly morphed into a big and colorful butterfly. But all the time she was in-charge of her life she felt empty, she felt worthless because she still longs for that family love. She wanted a family to recognize her significance and not her existence. She wanted to be accepted not because of what she can do and for the things she can provide, she wanted an innate recall of who she is.

She would forever be tough in everyone eyes as it’s her only defense but inside she remained to be soft like anyone around. If you happen to walk in her world, give her a big hug and pat her back and tell her, you did great!



P.S. An original short story I wrote some 5 years ago and 5 years resting on my old dashboard waiting to be published. There’s supposed to be an ending but at this point now I don’t have the eagerness to resume anything, so it’s now or never…