holy week 2016 | BATANGAS

Back in 2016, ze husband and I decided to spend the Holy Week in Cavite again because it was the first year to observe Lent without Tatay. I thought Nanay was always clingy then and we needed to be at her side for most days. Tho we’ll be missing the holiday road trip up North, I guess it was great also to spend time with the doggos. The big B and my litol boi Astro were equally clingy when we’re home and no amount of McDonald’s burger can’t replace the presence of their hoomans. Jowk! Insert a laughing B and Atlo 😀

Hello Alfred!

Because Tagaytay traffic gets too heavy and bad during holidays we drove to nearby Batangas for the annual Visita Iglesia.

First stop was at the Carmel, Mary, Mediatrix of all Grace. It was an accidental stop actually when we sort of got lost from navigating our way to Lipa Cathedral. Not like the many old churches I’ve been to, Carmel is unadorned and looks modern –white walls and light blue ceiling. There’s not much trace of the olden eras but despite of its unassuming interiors, it remained peaceful and holy especially that location is a bit away from the loud city traffic. By the way, Carmel was founded in 1946 two years before the apparition happened to Teresita Castillo and other sisters at the convent.

I read somewhere that there is monastery garden, the actual site of the apparition, we didn’t saw it because we didn’t really go around. It was around noon time when we were there and everyone was hungry I guess.

A few kilometers from Carmel is the Parish of Mary, Mediatrix of all Grace located in Antipolo del Norte, Lipa City. This Spanish baroque church was founded only in September 2011 and was solemnly dedicated by Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales, Archbishop Emeritus of Manila and Most Rev. Ramon C. Arguelles, D.D., Archbishop of Lipa.

The parish interiors with retablos in gold.

I’m quite lost about history and some stories I should have researched prior to our visit. But it’s always good to learn something first-hand and eventually regret –I should have snapped many photos to remember all the details.

Our last church that day was The Metropolitan Cathedral of Saint Sebastian, commonly known as the Lipa Cathedral. It was formerly located on the Shore of Taal Lake and was destroyed when Taal Volcano erupted in 1754. Reconstruction of the church on the present site began in 1732 and ended in 1790. According to legend, the image of San Sebastian disappeared from the church and was later found by the townspeople on a lipa tree, which led to the town being named after it.

San Sebastian Cathedral is constructed from rough-hewn, rectangular stone and has a six-storey octagonal bell tower which rests on a rectangular base and tapers gradually to the cupola on top. ( source: read HERE)

There were so many visitors that day and it’s surprising that I don’t have any decent photos of the church interiors. Sigh! I’m too distracted or maybe I wasn’t thinking of writing about the whole trip or I was deeply meditating.

Anyhow, the trip was all worth of gas expenses and toll fees and time. At least in tough times, I have something good to look back. By the way, if you’re fasting and abstaining like me during Holy Weeks, Chowking meals are great because they serve meatless fast-food meals –tofu, water spinach, chopsuey, sweet & sour fish and of course Halo-Halo.

This day ended with another meal at Goto Me in ADB Triangle, Tagaytay City. Yes, we had rice porridge and daing na bangus to cap of the night.

Sorry for the very short info you might pick here. Am writing another Batangas trip, check out soon. ♥



P.S. Easter Sunday was always observed over big eats at home. It’s festive like Christmas. Moi at my heaviest or it’s just the wrong angle 😀



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