casetta del divino zelo, silang

Remember the P.S. I left on my Caffe’ Sant’ Antonio post, well this is it. 🙂


Maybe because I’m one lethargic blogger to date I lost track of new places and restaurants popping up recently. Let’s say that even the spring of many food bloggers now didn’t help convinced me to try anew, I’m very partial to old favorites and kept on going back. Like for instance in August, I visited Bag of Beans countless of times, that’s how consistent I am as a customer especially if there are no bad experience even at one time.

Honestly and no offense to food bloggers out there, I stopped getting recommendations from food blogs that write and eat at the same event because it’s likely reading the same thing, and there are biases sometimes. Tho I still believe some bloggers out there still try to deliver based on their own judgement and liking despite the free food.


Well, sometimes it helps that we’re always on the road because I get to peep at new establishments and catch sight of signage’s, these giving me ideas other than what really encourage me are recommendations of restaurant owners themselves to try this and this because they’re very open in posting they had a meal somewhere else despite having their own eating place. What a sport I think to even promote a possible contender? 🙂


Casetta Del Divino Zelo, an Italian restaurant tucked near Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm in Silang, Cavite was our lunch venue last Sunday. I got it from Lime and Basil’s IG feed and sought Google help later on. Of course I had high expectations especially that even the sassy lawyer cum writer had all good to say during her visit. The restaurant is owned by Tahanang Divino Zelo (Congregation of the Daughters of Divine Zeal) and is established to support the mission for the unexpected mother needing attention with her unborn child. And nuns operate the restaurant with some aide who’d clean tables and serve food.


* took home this flyer to give you a run through of what they serve

Pay As You Order. Do this at the counter located at the entrance, the menu is very simple and limited so it won’t take you too long to decide –pizza, pasta, desserts and drinks. They also sell freshly baked breads and pasalubongs including newly harvested vegetables.


The dining area is cozy and spacious with peaceful music playing –the classic Pavarotti!


Green-covered walkway leading to the chapel


Maria Madre Delle Vocazioni Chapel, 9am mass held every first and third Sunday of the month


Even before our food were served I smelled good food, something that delighted my senses without ado. First our pasta plates, all in generous serving, unpretentious and clean taste.


Bolognese P175. Think you can’t get wrong with this classic spaghetti minus the sweet sauce.


Marinara P235. Oil based pasta with generous fill of seafood.


Lasagna P250. The order was big, ideally can be shared by 2 people.


It looks plain but it tasted pleasant.  Sisters, if I may suggest why not add eggplants and herbs harvested at the Casetta’s compound.


I also got us Italian bread for P20 each. You can request it reheated and it tasted pretty good even without the olive oil and balsamic vinegar dip. Anyway, good that I didn’t asked for the dip because the restaurant maybe practicing the Italian food rule here.


We also got the family size Proscuito Con Arugola pizza P570 and at first bite I knew I run into something really great. If you’ve been watching TIMY I was like Basti savouring Greek yogurt while making Iris envious. Hahaha. 😛 I am convinced that pizza dough is made of good flour minus the extender –crusty edges and chewy inside. And if the principle of an Italian pizza is having it cooked thru wood-fired oven then Casetta’s pizzeria makes the grade.


We didn’t pass over on dessert, we ordered Ciambella Cake (Lemon Cake) P25/slice and Tiramisu P95.


The latter got me, I love its strong espresso flavor and it tasted coffee liquor as well. I forgot to ask how much a whole order is, I want to get one and enjoy it with coffee at home. About the Ciambella, uhm better to ask ze husband how it was because he didn’t share even a forkful. He forgot that I fancy lemon bars so it’s no-brainer that a lemon cake would be a favorite too. 😦


Drinks. They have Italian made coffee which I still have to try on the next visit. I ordered Cucumber P50/glass and it was real thirst-quencher, a must-try when you visit.


It was a wonderful lunch to date, one of those lazy Sundays after an early errand. Casetta’s is a perfect place if you want to dine and disappear from the hype of the mall ambiance, food is excellent and flavored even healthier. One place you’d like to go back again and savour Italian while you get a taste of nature and home. I’m definitely coming back! ♥



Casetta Del Divino Zelo (near Ilog Maria) | Km 47 Emilio Aguinaldo Highway Lalaan 1, Silang, Cavite | T. +46 6860714, +63927 6571458 | Opens every Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday 10:00am to 5:30pm


caffé sant’ antonio, silang

caffé sant’ antonio_1

Sometimes I like things slow, I like the shiftless vibes and drive away from the city on a weekday. I love it when there’s no schedule to follow and people to please because I get to try new things without regrets.

Anyhow, during the last week of April I went on a one day break with ze husband, we have errands back in Cavite in the morning that we couldn’t miss. The rest of the day was slower and because it was the height of summer and staying home was least of our option, we drove to Tagaytay to pass the time. I invited the two kids because the other kid was nowhere in sight, P had this habit of going around the neighborhood and checking everything else like a boss. 😀

caffé sant’ antonio_6

We’re nowhere to go really that day and so I thought it’ll be a good timing to visit this café in Silang. Caffé Sant’ Antonio is run by the congregation of the Rogationist of the Heart of Jesus. It’s easy to locate if you’re familiar with Rogationist College plus there is a big signage, look for Oasis of Prayer. The café is just part of the store Rogate –a religious store like Saint Paul Store in Makati that sells various religious items and images including church supplies.

caffé sant’ antonio_3

Back at the café, they had all day breakfast, pizza, sandwiches, pasta, frappe and latte, cakes and other pastries. I don’t know but I wasn’t really in the mood to eat, it’s one of those random days that I just want to dine out but not really after to please my palate. Okay, we got two flavors of pizza –Margherita and Quatro Formaggi. Pizzas were in thin crust, fired brick-oven pizza I think.

caffé sant’ antonio_4

Spaghetti con Olio

caffé sant’ antonio_5

Kids Pasta

We also had Spaghetti ala Carbonara, Spaghetti con Olio and Kids Pasta. Ze husband had Hungarian sandwich and we got Ysabel a slice of Chocolate Cake with Caramel Filling.

caffé sant’ antonio_8

I don’t want to sound unjust other than there’s nothing really to rave at this modest café except for the pizzeria and the al-fresco dining I found later on. Well, if not for the humid weather that time I’d love to sit there where brick walls and wooden tables and chairs completed the authentic pizzeria look.

caffé sant’ antonio_7

This is the outdoor where my research led me about Bocca Della Verita –an image carved in a man-like face, said to represent an ancient god and is famous because of the mouth. If you place your one hand inside the mouth don’t dare tell a lie or else you’d be bitten off. Medieval legend or not I won’t risk at all.

caffé sant’ antonio_2

Caffé Sant’ Antonio is a good stop if you want some time-off from the bustling Tagaytay. ♥


P.S. I’m targeting to visit another religious restaurant said run by nuns, it’s a secret Italian resto so I’m saving the name until I made my visit. 😀



Caffé Sant’ Antonio | Km 51.8 Emilio Aguinaldo Highway, Lalaan 2, Silang, Cavite | M.0917 554 5564


charito by bag of beans


Oh Sundays and the rainy month of August! My favorite city gets more appealing every time it rains because it’s colder, and fog gets thicker. I don’t know with you but I love the foggy weather, I love the blur scene because I find it rather romantic instead of haunting. So, whenever it rains I look forward to driving along the ridge of Tagaytay and sit down for hours and have a good meal and coffee at past midnight.


During the first Sunday of August, we visited Charito, the newest branch of Bag of Beans or the high end of it all? I’m not sure about this but once you walk passed through this new dining place there’s this feel of grace. It’s too pretty to describe and every corner prove charm. I easily fall. Well, there’s really nothing special that night, there was no occasion or something like of a celebration, we just wanted a good meal after Sunday mass and I think we hit the spot.

Oh Charito! By the entrance we were greeted by the courteous staff and seated us right away. Whew! Thank God for the big space despite the flock of guest that time. We were seated semi-outdoor which I think was just right because we get to enjoy the cold breeze and fresher scent of nature. The same al fresco tables would be perfect during the day because there’s a good view of Taal and the mountains and all the greenery around. I need to check it during the morning I think, next time maybe. The menu was very simple yet limited at the same time, there’s more food item at the original branch, no pizza at Charito for instance. Because I’m so wowed at everything in Charito, I felt the need to eat something not just good, should be grandeur and expensive so I would totally fit in. 😀

I wanted a good rice meal at first but later on decided that mashed potato was rather perfect to complement the fine dining echos.


Nanay had this Grilled Pork Chop “Bob Style”, it’s a thick slab of marinated pork grilled to perfection. Yes, it’s thick at almost an inch and big, so its P450 price is sulit. This is good for sharing. By the way, ask for extra mushroom gravy sauce and enjoy your meat.


Ze husband was on his ever uncooperative self, always wanting something different when in fact I thought all of us were getting an entrée. He had Capricciosa, pasta dish with shrimps, garlic, olive oil, sundried tomatoes, bell peppers and basil. Well, at least he didn’t end up complaining about the food because he finished his in no time.


I got my favorite of course, Baby Back Ribs –slow braised pork ribs with barbeque sauce. The size was half slab so I’m not sharing. Hehehe. 🙂 Kiddin’ aside the meat was tender, fall-off the bone the way I love it. The buttered garden vegetable was perfect, I suggest you try any of their entrée to enjoy these generous serving of veggies.


After dinner husband and I both have coffee to kill time, thought it was too early to drive home despite its being Sunday because we’re taking a day-off from work the following day, hehehe. I had Café Latte only while ze husband had his usual Bottomless Baraco.


I scanned menu for dessert and settled for Chocolate Mousse. If you’d ask me, this is the part where Bag of Beans always fails me. Dessert is always a miss. I wish they’ll just commissioned good cakes if their chefs can’t make a fine one, please.




Just so you know how charming in white Charito is, I took some photo other than my photo don’t do much justice. I highly suggest the place for family weekend, girl bonding with your closest and date night with your loves.


Charito I fell for you. ♥



Charito by Bag of Beans | Reservations are accepted : Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway, Tagaytay | T. (02) 483-1279


balay dako by antonio’s


One of Tagaytay’s new player at the moment is Balay Dako, tho it’s already almost marking its first anniversary (not really sure if it opened June or during the last week of May last year) we didn’t pay a visit right away generally because budget is tight, the kids are grown-up now and at times counted as adults already hence they can no longer eat for free or discounted for that matter. Next, I want to justify that this Sunday breakfast is called for so I waited for one occasion to happen before we finally visited and lastly, I want the hype to die down a bit so we can enjoy the place with lesser crowd.

But our visit during the Chinese New Year last February wasn’t a good move either, I was actually expecting a lot of people following the long weekend other than it’s now or never for me. We arrived at Balay Dako past 7am (no reservations for breakfast buffet just like at Bag of Beans) and to my dismay there were already too many waiting groups ahead of us. I was a bit upset that we’ll get to eat breakfast late; I was assuming that everyone who made it ahead of us were taking their time and savoring the best of the best, like what we actually planned to do.

While waiting I wasted my time checking out the restaurant in and out.


Balay Dako literally means Big House in Negrense and the façade itself depicts affluence. Oh, those big glass windows and balustrade, I fell in love instantly. ♥


From the entrance was the waiting area which was spacious and comfy because there were benches to sit down. We lounged here for about 30mins or more while waiting for our table.



Pre-breakfast photo, we all looked sleepy and cold. 


Comedor sounds very authentic and colonial; this is the 2nd level where lunches and dinners (?) are enjoyed with that panoramic view of Taal Lake as backdrop. Best if you can book the table beside the windows.


So I guess these were the old people who used to live at this big house. Well, these wedding photos were very traditional from wayback and I like the idea tho and planning to display ours once we’re back at the old house so people have something old to look at and scary. Hahaha.


There was also a deli store where you can buy Antonio’s products –marmalade, freshly-baked breads, green harvest, tokens and even dainty night gowns.


Anyhow, when we were finally given a table I was disappointed because we were seated al fresco not even considering that there was light rain earlier and the weather wasn’t really very good (just look at how grey the clouds were). Apart from it, the cold breeze was unwanted at that time especially that we have a toddler and a senior in tow. Have we known that we will be dining just like this we should have brought along hooded jackets too. I told the lady crew to transfer us once there’s an available table indoor, I reminded her not just twice because I want to enjoy a warm and comforting breakfast but despite my plea she remained as dead cold as the breakfast fare we ate that morning. 😦  Don’t tell me now that no table was made available at the indoors from the time when we were seated, my point is you could have lined-up us again or given priority before you allowed a new group to come in. I wonder what could been if it rained again, was there a contingency set up for us?

Just because I don’t want to spoil our little Chinese celebration, I kept mum. The queue at the buffet stations were long so I shy away from taking photos because it would slow down and I don’t want to cause anymore delay to people who were lined behind me, they looked so han-gry already.




In all fairness there were many food sections and the breakfast spread was decent. I wish I had photos to share –they had bacons, beef tapa, adobo, tocino, corned beef, longganisa, daing na bangus, tuyo, sautéed veggies and so much more. There’s also an omelet station where you could choose your own fillings or request some sunny sides. Don’t also miss to check the bread station and try ensaymada (I heard its good) which I intentionally ignore because the bread will just go stale given its exposed to cold.  There’s also a salad station, fresh fruits, DIY fried rice (with queue to forever), desserts includes local deli.



They have taho and puto bumbong which I heart. Coffee, tsokolate-de batirol, tea and juices were also limitless. And the kids of course were treated to colorful cereals. 😀


And because we can’t stay too long sitting and slapped by the cold breeze, we had turns and photo ops at the scenic view, I also learned that this Terraza converts to a bar and grill resto during the night. Overall, I love Balay Dako except that I wish the staffs (especially the ladies) would be a little welcoming and smiling. If you’ve been to Breakfast at Antonio’s there’s this notice to customer that speaks about Courtesy and Respect, I always believe that respect is earned not given. You know what I’m saying, hehehe; I love the French maid uniform tho.


Post-breakfast photo, just the two of us this time 😀  

Buffet rates when we dined, P550 for adult, P350 P375 for kids below 4 ft and toddlers and babies eat for free.


P.S. Ze husband find the food salty and think that the chef must be old already, remember that our taste bud age as we do. A week ago a cousin-in-law dined there also, for lunch this time and she had the same feedback about the food –salty.


Balay Dako | Tagaytay-Nagsugbu Highway, 4120 Tagaytay City (besides Leslie’s and Max’s across Magallanes Square in Tagaytay) | For inquiries, please call (0943) 264-1680 or 0464134866


café breton at the cliffhouse, revisited


Every mention of Café Breton brings back the nostalgia of circa 2007 –heydays in Makati, memorable wedding of my dear friend Tata, the good old days with lesser challenge and early stages of my married life. I remember the last visit in 2010 at the Greenbelt branch; it was Tata’s send-off again after her short vacay here in Manila. And in 2013, I got the chance to visit this branch in Tagaytay for the first time, beating the Monday blues was my drama if you remember that moment. Yes, I’m the other extreme of ze husband who loves Tagaytay better when there are only a handful of cars around; I never liked the jam-packed coffee shops and restaurants. While ze husband finds it boring when Tagaytay seems like a ghost city of sorts. Anyway, it may be the reason why we attract, we’re opposite in so many ways. Char!


Back in July of last year, I was able to make excuses and visit Café Breton at the Cliffhouse once again. Actually, I just want to kill time, some quiet time other than the kiddos of course were in tow. I told the bigger kiddo that crepe was divine at CB and perfect for coffee but the smaller kiddo, knowing how he would purposely order something out of the ordinary, he had a tall cup of milk.


Butter and Sugar Dessert Crepe for me and Ala Nutella for SAM (not in photo)

While SAM and I had cappuccino and caramel and crepes.

I remember us also getting these favorites –Breton Mozzarella Burger and Egg Casserole


Breton Mozzarella Burger. Juicy all beef burger patty with sautéed onions and mushrooms with a mozzarella surprise


Egg Casserole. 2 eggs coddled in cream, drizzled with gruyere, topped with mushrooms sautéed in garlic on a bed spinach, served with buttered toast strips. I wish they could serve more bread toast. This became an instant favorite too! Oh, how I wish gruyere is cheap so I can always copy this recipe at home.

It was the hearty meal and homey feels at Café Breton that keeps me going back.


I don’t know with you but I love lounging around, I love to be idle on Saturday afternoons, I really love to do nothing but spoil my butt and sit for hours and people watch. I love the smells after each rain –fresh cut grass and pines, I love it when my world slows down and I don’t need to dash something off. Oh life.    


Café Breton – CliffHouse Tagaytay | Km. 58 General Emilio Aguinaldo Highway Maharlika East, Tagaytay City  | T. (046) 483 2110



christmas time and the new year {2016}


*photo taken at Rustan’s Shangri-la 

I’ve always been a big fan of Christmas, of the whole yuletide thing, and that’s one of the many reasons why the blogs were named after winter –my picture actually of Christmas is winter!


*snapshot from the workplace, such creative guys 🙂

And why January? Why not, it’s my birth month after all and Christmas extends until January, and January is one of the coldest months, and tho nature looked ghostly and lonely during this time I love it nonetheless.


The last time I checked its 70+ days to go before Christmas Day, and then Christmas went by sooo fast including the New Year and its 2016 now. For the last 41 years Christmas has been my most anticipated occasion other than last year was a totally different story. The activities remained the same including shopping for family and friends, the trimmings –my sister’s blue tree depicts how I was despite the happy face, the happy thoughts and the festivities abound, the blissful get-togethers and overabundance of food. I don’t want to change a thing regardless of what happened, I don’t want to bring a sad feel at the household, I want them to embrace Christmas the usual albeit the thought of missing Tatay.


*our little Miss was such a model


First Christmas without Tatay was life changing; I kept tears from falling every mention of him. I find it very difficult to discard the idea that he’s gone, not in days, not in years because it’s forever in my lifetime. I remember him fondly when ze husband and I were on our last minute shopping a week before Christmas. I remember how it’s quite a challenge to buy him a gift that is not a repeat of the previous years, a piece that he would appreciate and use. And suddenly he made it easy for me this year, Tay I don’t really mind the struggle every year to please you, if only I could turn back time.


Christmas morning. We don’t really celebrate Noche Buena, we don’t stay late until 12 midnight to gather and eat and open gifts so I was spared from crying on Christmas Eve. Like the usual we’d always asked the kids to sleep early so Santa can finally land his sleigh and leave gifts underneath the tree. Before bed I placed my gifts to everyone, I always make sure everyone has a box to open, I’m their no-secret Santa anyway. The household was all up by 7am, excited and cheery, while at the back of my mind I just secretly hoped they love my gifts.


It was a happy occasion when everyone started to open their gifts, I gave Nanay 3 gifts this year because I don’t want her to feel empty, and I don’t want her to feel short of anything just because Tatay is no longer around. I know I can’t replace the missing person with any worldly goods but at least I was doing well in distracting them for a time and be merry.


Merry Christmas fam! 🙂


My happy B and Astro Boi were equally happy of their Christmas presents. 


We had our usual visitors on Christmas Day –godchildren, relatives and the maternal fam of course. We skipped the usual night out on Christmas Eve this time because of the horrible traffic last year plus I don’t really feel going out, I felt tired and because the following days would be busier, I want to reserve all the energy I have.


Happy Fiesta. Every year we observed the feast of St. John the Evangelist even if we don’t have too much plus the fact that we can’t stop people from visiting. It’s a customary that we prepare lunch {and take outs} for all visiting relatives and friends. Tatay loves and hates this occasion; he hates it because of the preparations, especially the artisanal “ube” making.



Team Eyaya. Concurrence with the fiesta we marked this day as the E-family get-together as well. We thought it’s a good venue because we don’t need to prepare food anymore plus everyone would be coming, meaning free that day from any other activities and we’re seeing the New Year a lot more occupied. By late noon, we gathered the maternal fam for the traditional exchange gifts, we had three categories this time, the tots, pabebe {teens} and the adult. It was a fun, fun afternoon, one that I cannot trade with anything because these people had been my jack-in-the-box, Jim Carrey {for the wits, naks!}, MacGyver {for the skills to seemingly unsolvable problems –bukas kotse, hacker ng wifi, what a showcase of talent guys!}. Kiddin’ aside they’re my closest family, they’ve been the most thoughtful and it’s time tested.


I love you fam! Hopefully, this year would a happier sight especially that our generous sponsor would be coming home to celebrate Christmas here.


Media Noche. It’s festive like the previous years. The dayout at Divi Market happened early morning, the kids even squeezed SB while at Binondo and we even had more time to shop at S&R Macapagal this time. By 11am, errands were completed and we’re so ready to head home. I can only wish Manila roads be like traffic-less everyday so everyone will be productive and stress-free.


*chicken pastel with homemade dough bec filo pastry was so hard to find 


Anyhow, soon as we hit home we started the preparations for NYE. My sister was our Chef de cuisine that night; she’s in-charge of the mains while I went busy with the entrée {salad + cheese platter} and the overall buffet table set-up. We had everything covered and for the first time again in many years a decent cake landed in our table, yehey!


Holy Jolly Cake from Cupcakes by Sonja, this was more like an effigy of the Rainbow Fiesta cake available all year round {my guess}.


The first time I tasted it brought back so much of childhood memories, old birthdays because of the marshmallow icing. I suddenly remember the years of deprivation of eating sweets because I was a sickly duckling with tonsillitis issue.


We lit fireworks again this year, I remember how Tatay dislikes this NY activity because of its risks and other unhealthy effects other than it really add colors and joy to every household. Sorry ‘Tay but we couldn’t just kill this practice every year. I missed your ranting over us.


And we had salo-salo after welcoming the New Year, everyone enjoyed the widespread.


2015 was like a nightmare for us, it’s been a real rough year, we lost Tatay in a snap, but all his memories are reminder of good things, better things to come. We miss you ‘Tay and we hope you had your first holiday in heaven merry like when you were here.


A better 2016 is all I hope and pray, happy New Year ‘ney! ♥ Uhm…stop annoying me please. 😀


dear october


When October came, ze husband and I went our way to have real breakfast in the morning once more. Because Barangay Kapitolyo is nearby we didn’t go far, this time decided to give Milky and Sunny a try.


I was surprised that the place was packed as early as 7 in the morning, on a Saturday; I thought everyone was still in Neverland and that we can pick the nicest seat in the house. Tho we were given a seat right away I dislike it because there was no view of the instagram worthy wall other than I have to be reminded that we came here for breakfast anyway, I can’t eat those wall decors anyway. Hehehe


Food smells good and looks big from the other table so when I scanned the menu I looked for the biggest order, I want everything on my plate like my sister’s IHOP breakfast sampler the last time. So, this was I got –Big Breakfast Plate with sunny side egg, bacon, spam, Hungarian sausage, potato hash and waffle. Actually, this plate was no-brainer, something I can easily whip at home other than I need days out, I need a breather, I need a flee from all the clutter of our messy apartment, literally and figuratively.

Ze husband was never impressed of the place; I could tell especially that the crowd that morning was not his kind of morning people. I won’t give specifics because someone might get it wrong here, but you see I also dislike loud people in the morning. Despite his a bit of annoyance, he remained urbane and went ahead getting a pasta dish.


Sunny Sardines Pasta –fried sardines, chopped tomatoes and olives folded into spaghetti noodles. It’s light and hearty yet he can’t help but compare to my home-cooked version which he fancies. Oh, you’re flattering me ‘ney, is there anything you need eh?

We had coffee to wash down everything and tho fresh fruits were so inviting at their cute kitchen counter I turn away because it was too much for me, pricey my dear. We left Milky and Sunny a little displeased, probably because I was expecting more, I was expecting a more conducive breakfast place less the clamor.


After breakfast we head through at SM Megamall to do some errand and kill time, leading us to watching Heneral Luna, which we don’t mind at all, in fact we enjoyed the movie because it was very entertaining and enlightening at the same time. It’s a must-see movie.


Before we head home and retire we dropped by Kapitolyo and had a quick stop at Silantro’s to give my paella cravings the green light.


Silantro’s Paella Fajita Mix my ultimate love ♥


Apart from their version of seafood paella, I’m now inlove with their Caliente Wings, probably one of the best chicken wings in town.


Ze husband did not miss to get an order of his favorite Rib Fingers, so the supposed light dinner over paella turned out a big and heavy one. But nothing that I regret because everything we had this time was love.

The following weekend was spent at the parental’s, commissioned SAM to wake up early so we can do breakfast not brunch. I’ve been missing breakfast at home because sleep is always favored, so for a good cause everything was set by 8am.

Our cooking 101 thingy.


First try of the savoury bread basket; we had eggs, all purpose cream, milk and bacon. It was a lovely sight until we had our second attempt.



This time I made chicken ala king and made it as filling of the bread basket.


It was creamy and perfect breakfast pica-pica aside from the fact that you can make a twist and wrap up something gourmet type –chicken ala king ala Florentine (on spinach bed).


We also had pancakes to complete our set.


In the afternoon I whipped a pasta dish which I haven’t done for a long time –carbonara, though it looked plain and ordinary, it was deliciously creamy.


The following weekend PH was hit by another typhoon, it was scary especially that after every super typhoon many people will be homeless and worst familyless. Ze husband and I braved the calabarzon for a special errand and to lunch out like most of our Sundays.


King Bee at the Centennial Road was not bad other than someone made a wrong order of chicken so I had most of it. 😀 I remember the last week of March, when we dined at King Bee (Governor’s Drive) with Tatay. It was unplanned over a sumptuous lunch; Tatay was so alive then and happy despite the summery heat.


In October we also get to celebrate our dear Ysabel’s 3rd birthday, it was a very simple celebration –cake blowing and a pizza treat for our very own Princess Ana. Our little girl was indeed very happy though we know she’ll be happier if Tatay is around. At times Ysa would say “miss na Tatay”, I can’t help but feel heartbroken, and I can’t help but feel sorry that Tatay and Ysa’s time was too short. I’ve probably seen the three kiddos bond with Tatay and Ysa’s was the closest amongst, the sweetest so far and also the last. I know Ysa’s very young memory would change in time, she would soon find out that Tatay is no longer coming back other than we want her to remember Tatay in all forms and ponder Lolo’s love all her life.


November is ending in a few days, Christmas is almost here yet I still feel everything is out of order and my only wish this Christmas is to celebrate the holidays at the old house, nothing more nothing less. I wish!



Milky & Sunny9 East Capitol Dr, Pasig, Metro Manila | T. +63  654 2049

Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina | 75 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig | T. +632 6549657

King Bee | Cepza Bacao Diversion Rd., General Trias, Cavite | T. 046 4372880