revisiting kapitolyo


Before the first quarter of the year ended we’ve finally find the time to revisit Kapitolyo –the food haven of Pasig. The first time we visited we’ve tried Mad Mark’s and Lia’s, and the former left a good impression –cheap steaks, cheap eats. While the later wasn’t that bad, the cakes were neither impressive too, of course this is my opinion only.


Anyhow, during our second visit we were able to maximize our time and stretch our tummies. We came really hungry this time. The first stop was RUB Ribs & Bbq after ze husband told me that they serve ribs at a very affordable price and for that I’m solve. And I was pretty convinced especially that diners were overflowing that Sunday for early lunch. We actually had to go in queue for some good 20 minutes before we were given a contracted seat, very typical hole-in-the-wall resto if I may add other than I have no problem with that. I like the mood because it’s cool and people can go in flip-flops and shorts and tee.


Down to our first meal of the day, we both had a single order of Raki’s Bbq Ribs; it’s Ribs + 1 Side + Rice. I got Bacon & Potato Salad while ze husband had Roasted Garlic Mashed Potato; I like his choice of side because mine was bland and a bit uncooked. I also barely touched the rice because it’s hard like left-over rice, kanin lamig or bahaw in short.


The ribs, of course we went there for the ribs, sorry but Mad Mark’s better because MM was meatier and seasoned-well, price-wise it’s in fact the same at P220 so I’d rather go to MM again.


Because I wasn’t really happy with meal no.1 we looked for another place to dine and ended at Silantro –a Fil Mex Cantina.


ze husband had tried the resto before together with their pâtissiers, so he had recommendations already.


We got Beef Nachos and Silantro’s Quesadillas which both came in big servings, plus plus points!


The quesadilla was oozing with gooey cheese and I can’t contain my happiness, it was indeed a happy food for a cheesy person like me.


The nachos were also good with generous helpings of pulled beef. Burp! We didn’t really finish the food and had the most wrapped, the only downside we weren’t able to preserve the crispness of the nachos anymore.

We passed by Cab Café only to find out sooner that they offer cakes and coffee, the best in Bacolod according to reviews. But it’s was too late to turn back, at least we have something to come back next time. We drove to the nearby Estancia Mall in Capitol Commons to wander and in a way to burn all the carbo and calories we’ve consumed but the timing were perfect because the favorite outlet store was on sale. Hehehe.


I scored “few” pieces and window shopped the rest of the afternoon.


As if our activity at the mall was exhausting, we can’t afford to pass for dinner and go home just like that. For dinner, I personally picked Jipan, foremost because I’ve been buying at the shop for the longest time and yet I haven’t dined even once and secondly, it somehow brings back old memoirs –peanut butter and jam sandwich, which I lovingly prepared for a year or so. Hey you, if you happen to read this you’d remember it right.


I wanted a light dinner so I had Miso Ramen only, thinking that the serving would just be enough to warm my tummy instead I was served a big bowl which I end up sharing with ze husband who had a filling bowl of Seafood Don. It was a lovely dinner despite the mall-ambiance, and I really don’t mind the people and dogs around. Yes, dogs are allowed inside the Estancia Mall, tho I think it’s the small breeds only. I wish the mall would allow my big B too because she’s so harmless you know except that she have this thing to bully smaller dogs. Hehehe.


Okay, the last and final resto that day was the dessert shop next to Jipan. Larcy’s Cupcakery Cafe is so hard to miss because of its pretty exteriors; it was too cute and sweet for words. By this time, I’m already bushed and all I could do was to sit and wait for my sweet treat, I can’t even afford a cup of coffee because I’m extremely full from all day eating.


We had the velvets –red velvet cheesecake for me and black velvet for him.


Thumbs up! Even if the price is a bit dear at almost P100 each I wouldn’t mind, I don’t get to eat delectable cupcakes as Larcy’s everyday so I think it’s reasonable enough to splurge a little sometimes…for a sweet ending.


I don’t remember at what time we hit home, it was indeed a glutton kind of day out for us, and something we haven’t done for the longest time because we’ve been driving south on most weekends. Tho it doesn’t need to happen every so often I love it when we do not need to follow a schedule, we can just get loose and be cool and eat to our heart’s content. ♥



RUB Ribs & Bbq | 88 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig | T. +632 6252939

Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina | 75 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig | T. +632 6549657

Jipan & Larcy’s Cupcakery Café | Basement 1 Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons, Oranbo, Pasig


the first weekend of january


It was a working weekend for me after the long Christmas break, the support team particularly, and the venue was the nearby Ace Hotel & Suites. That day, I arrived at the hotel a little past of 9am, an hour late from the 8am call time; some colleagues were already at the Lobby Lounge waiting for breakfast. I took a seat with the bigger group because I didn’t notice right away that my team was just behind. Anyway, because I’m not really a very sociable person I just remained silent and make nods when needed, breakfast took so long to be served, so, imagine me staring in blank between times peeping on my phone and wishing someone would messaged me to keep myself busy. 😦


When breakfast was served I wasted no time, I ate with gusto especially that the breakfast plate was my favorite –generous serving of Tocino, 2 eggs, fried rice and black coffee. I was wowed at home big the breakfast was at a very affordable price, it was less than P200. I stopped myself from snapping a photo and later regret it. Right after breakfast we held an activity to test how we are as a team; it’s a test of collaboration and management, my guess. We didn’t win on the activity because we didn’t get to finish the game first; I think we’re the third group to complete the task. After the first activity we continued the second part at the hotel room where colleagues from Cebu were checked-in, there was no winner here because it’s a test that highlight more of communication. I cannot agree more.


Later on, there were discussions on learning, etc. which I find relevant only if the same will be practiced and applied. Actually, I’ve been to a numerous of team buildings and group discussion, there were action plans made each time but to date nothing good had happen out of those sessions, that each time will go back to work it’s like none had been discussed, none had been planned, so for me it’s just a waste of money for the company and everyone’s time to run things like this unless of course everything will be put into practice. I’m just saying.


*not my photo, borrowed from a colleague

Anyhow, the good part of that working weekend was the treat that awaits us after. Each was treated at the soothing water spa which was too timely for me, just what I exactly need for my legs and feet, except for that minor accident <insert clumsiness> I think the water treatment was too perfect for my aging joints –tendons and ligaments! Hahaha. I only wish photos were allowed at the water spa so you’ll get a picture of the place and its facilities and of what fun we had. The High-Pressure Massage was the best.


dimsum and sushi 🙂


baked fish, mashed potato and greens

And the treat continued to a late lunch buffet soon after, the spread wasn’t too big, just enough to fill your hungry pangs after the spa. They had Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Italian and Grilled Station to choose from, guess what I enjoyed most?


Japanese-Sukiyaki Beef which I asked the staffs to grill instead of mixing it on my shabu-shabu bowl. This is love, with all that fat dripping!

The buffet was filling yet easy on the budget, and wait, if you get the water spa and the late lunch buffet package you’ll pay a little over than P1000 only. A good deal indeed! 🙂


Now, if you don’t want to avail of the hotel buffet there’s plethora of restaurants nearby. The drive to Kapitolyo’s foodie destination was the perfect retreat to treat your bellies. Since the husband picked me that afternoon we had our time to drive off, we stopped first at Estancia in Capitol Commons to check the newly-opened Debenhams Store and Old Navy as well. Because the shopping district was very new then, there were few people checking out and most of them were probably lounging for the strong wifi connection and mall’s classy ambiance. Hehehe. Kiddin’ aside, there’s not much to see yet that even cafés were numbered. After a few rounds, we left and drove to nearby Kapitolyo because we’re eyeing Poco Deli but because I was still very full from our late lunch, I couldn’t decide plus parking during dinner time was a big headache. So come there early if you really want to pig-out!

Guess where we settled? At Mad Mark’s because the latter was neighboring to Lia’s, where we spent the rest of the night. Like many eateries at Kapitolyo, Mad Mark’s is another of that hole-in-the-wall resto that offers good eats – steaks, sandwiches and ice creams.


This was the husband’s Mad Mark’s Healthy Signature Steak with two sides –mashed potato and bacon potato salad. I would have gotten the house salad as the other side if I was ordering a plate. But, I was still stuffed from lunch that’s why I missed this fall-of-the-bone goodness in every bite. We’ve also skipped the ice cream because I want coffee and cake at store next door. We’ll definitely consider going back at Mad Mark’s because price is reasonable in the first place.


Next is Lia’s Cake in Season. I heard so much of their famed avocado cake thus my wanting to give it a try for once. Foremost, Lia’s is a good place to hang out after a hefty dinner at Kapitolyo, the place is warm and bright in purple and green, tho a bit small like most restos in that area, Lia’s was not crowded that night with only a few diners while most customers dropped by for take outs.


We had each a mug of coffee, I only wish it was piping hot, and we got each a slice of cake. I had the Avocado Sansrival instead of the regular Avocado Cake, I love sansrival period. ♥


The husband got the Red Velvet slice, well, another of my favorite. Hehehe. Both cakes were filling but there’s this something lacking, taste-wise it was sweet but not overly sweet, it was in between so-so and a-ok, price-wise almost the same with my favorite bakeshops so I guess Lia’s Cakes didn’t left me that lasting impression and I can get better tasting sansrival and red velvet of the same price. Other than for those who really have a thing for avocado you have to try Lia’s. For cake price list, click here.


The first week of January was eventful as I expected it to be, it was my month remember, our birth month actually. And I was in bliss…