of happiness | bag of beans


Bag of Beans became a favorite Sunday place everytime we’re home, the kids love the ambiance there now more than Starbucks, they also love the pizza –four cheeses to be exact, while ze husband and I love the bottomless coffee.


On Feb 1, we came in full force minus the parental. We had dinner just to welcome the 1st day of Feb, well, there was no occasion really so I think we just felt we need a good meal to conclude the weekend. I told you going home is becoming an expensive habit to break!


I warned the kids not to order pancakes because they can’t finish even half of it, rather we got cinnamon bites from the bakeshop to go with our coffee while waiting for our food.


Salad Astoria. Mixed lettuce topped with orange fillet, chopped walnuts and light French dressing. When in Tagaytay you always got the freshest and crispiest of greens, I love it despite the fact that I can make an even better version of this at home. My only complaint, the dressing was overwhelming. I like my salad tossed with a little of that French dressing only.

Spaghetti with Cream Sauce. Carbonara styled which the kids favored (the photo was too blurry to share but it was good tho) 😦


Spaghetti with Meat Sauce. This was from the Kids Menu, just your typical spaghetti, the real kid-friendly one.


Pizza Quattro Cheese. How can you go wrong with cheese and cheese? It’s divine! ♥


I know I’m not getting any younger and at this state I should have a decent savings and investments other than you can’t blame me for spending too much on weekend lunches and dinners and coffee dates, I always feel that I’m at my happy place when home and gathered with people that matters most. Happiness is a choice and whether the splurges becomes over-the-top (at times) I care less now because at the end of each day I’d still be in-charge of my life and my pursuit to happiness. At least, I don’t put the key to my own happiness in somebody else’s pocket. 🙂



Bag of Beans | 115 Aguinaldo Highway Mendez Crossing West, Tagaytay City


homecoming and birthdays


I have few friends and I have written about it long ago, at this time probably I can account now the reason why I am  too distant to people and make friends, I have a very close affinity with the maternal family that’s why, and they’re my first friends and still my friends until this day, and I’m simply contented with that.


The other cousin J went home last January from Dubai to surprise his Tatay who was celebrating his 70th then. It was spur-of-the-moment, well for me, because I was assigned to pick him up and his son at the airport. It’s an effort on my part and ze husband because it’s a weekday; I was in zombie-mode the following day. But, none that a loot of precious pasalubong can put back my spirit and the handful of events that’s about to come. I’m overly excited.


J and his son, MJ, two-week vacay was fun-filled, we savor nothing but the best because we’re like running after time. During his Tatay’s 70th birthday at SM Rolle Hall in Cavite State University we were ever present; my family was in complete attendance. The maternal family was partly absent, some were not informed because they’re distant, and some had more important sched to attend to, while some were intentionally not invited because like any other families we have falling-out. Talk about the rascals in the clan who loves to be in the limelight at the expense of many. 😦 Those ze cousins who love to make blind item over facebook to get a thousand likes. You know who you are and if its you’re freedom of speech, it is rather my freedom as well to speak about how sickening your press releases were, this is my blog. Anyhow, let’s leave it off like that.


Papa Nopes 70th birthday was a blast, even though we have to wait longer for dinner because dinner plates weren’t enough. Hahaha. There were singing and dancing. It was all pure-fun, a get-together that’s memorable and something we’d always laugh at.





J and the teen cousins enjoyed the limitless alcohol and the fun and the mischievous tricks.


By 10pm, most were already drunk and wasted but it didn’t hold back the Tagaytay trip even at that late to get our coffee fix. We had a good time at the coffee shop, tho someone was ailing and feeling queasy the entire time. Hehehe. I hope J learned his lesson so well, be sure not to miss the fun next time and your cup of latte as well. 😀 Well, the piping hot macaroni soup was perfect the following day, thank you to mother dear!


By mid-week following that happy weekend, J treated us to Vikings. It was my first time to try Vikings, actually all of us were first-timers and the wide selection gave us a big wow!



Vikings‘ does almost have everything I love, well, except for the sad dessert station I was in awe the entire dinner time. Buffet rates, click here.






The hakaw (shrimp dumpling) was love, if only I can stuff myself with so much. The suahe (shrimp) was fresh and sweet. And the steaks were very good, well at least the rib part that I got. Actually, I skipped a number of food stations because it’s too heavy and mostly carbs.



And since J was also a January baby, we were able to avail of the birthday promo, free dinner for the celebrator with singing and cake. Yey!


I know you’ll probably hate me for this, but this was the best photo of you that night. At your wackiest! 😀

I bet J enjoyed being a Viking for the moment, the Viking helmet fits you perfectly anyway. Happy birthday!


And thanks again for this plush dinner treat. ♥



The night before J and MJ’s departure we gave them a simple send-off party at their abode, it was another night of good food and booze and energetic people. We partied like there’s no tomorrow, we had a good time, and it’s like the old times, our much younger years when the old people were still living and healthy. Probably those who had gone ahead of would be happy to see us unify as a family no matter how rough our feelings are sometimes.


J, thank you for the short time, August isn’t too far anyway. See you once more with the rest of the family and the new baby. Don’t forget our haute and fancy bilins! 😀


P.S. Sorry for the quality of photos, I bet you’d agree that the iPhone is so handy at this day and age…